Wish you a puffer spring.


Why do I love puffer vests?! I found the answer to this questions and starting thinking  about different ways to mix it only when I bought my first one. It was a blue puffer vest from GAP. I still love it, mostly because by using it I can create casual looks and with greater desire – smart casual looks too. This kind of vest is all we need to transit from the freezing Winter to the soft and warm Spring air.
During a chilly period of the cold season, an item like this will be our faithful companion, that will definitely make us look good while warming up our backs. Personally I’m a follower of the conservative shades when it comes to outfits. But as we know, the main trend of the upcoming season is color, so you can make a bold choice by purchasing a bright orange or menthol-green vest(It will work great with a pale blue shirt underneath and some white canvas trainers).
But while making a daring choice (a vest with bold grafichs imprinted on the surface or on the inside) note to yourself that you cannot wear it with a suit. You can only mix it with chinos and sweatshirts. The right choice for a suit would be a monochromatic choice. Additionally, the properly chosen piece can be worn in the late Autumn, by wrapping a massive scarf around your neck and putting on some glasses. If you choose a thin puffer vest, you can wear it under a coat or a wool jacket, thus mastering the art of layering. If you’re still missing this item from your wardrobe, then dare to buy it and look great!

And remember dears – never wear green with yellow. At least if you don’t want to look like food.

  • i like puffers but you have to be lucky and find some nice ones:)


  • I like puffers but you have to be lucky to find some nice ones:)