Winter Hoodie.

You might have noticed that I haven’t been posting very often lately, and I am really sorry for that!! As many of you already know, I’m still a high school student and this is my graduation year, and as much as I enjoy travelling, when I’m back home I have to study 2-3 times harder to make up my missed classes. Honestly, sometimes I don’t even have a free half an hour to take photos, not even talking about the long blogging procedure- editing, uploading, posting… But i can’t risk my studies, because my education and professional future is really important to me. At least it’s not forever!! I have a few more exams, classes, homework left to do, and then I’m free for holidays. Though there is always something interesting to do, I will have more time to blog and, of course, to get ready for the launch of the new website….. But that’s something I’ll tell you about another time!
I was wearing:
Lonsdale hoodie 
Zara military jeans
coat thanks to Romwe
Vero Cuoio boots
Have a beautiful day!
  • great pica baby!franNEW OUTFIT: BROWN TIME…

  • Amazing combination

  • lovely boots!xx

  • Andrea

    Sunt intrigata!!Mult succes in cea ce faci.

  • Anemona

    Love your outfit, especially the pants!

  • this is gorgeous!

  • Really cool casual look! Love these pants :))Desislava

  • pretty damn good casual outfit with perfect fringe boots which i totally love!!! kisses from

  • I have the same problem! Balancing school life with studies is not easy. I just started my blog, and its harder than I thought. But I want to do it so I’m gonna persevere! All the best to you this period!

  • Woww, love your boots with this tousers! Marta Antolínez.

  • The winter coat is so chic!

  • Amazing textues!


  • i love the write coat :)

  • Anonymous

    Hi Doina! As much as I usually love your outfits I wanted to warn you about your lonsdale sweater. I know this might seem weird to you but in many many countries lonsdale is a brand that is worn by national socialsts (nazi) and extreme right wing groups because the name lonNSDAle has the the letters NASDA in it which is an abbreviation for NSDAP which was Hitler’s party. of course, this doesn’t mean xou cam’t wear their clothes but it might be misunderstood by some and I just wanted you to know!

  • The boots and the pants are great! I’m not sure about the top, it looks kind of weird. But you look great as always.

  • Mary

    Love this look!!

  • Love the pants , it looks great on you!

  • Amanda

    You look gorgeous!Love the shoes!!

  • Alexa

    Wow-love your look and your pants are absolutely beautiful!!

  • i want those jeans so baadlymfashionfreak♥blog

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  • Of course, you can’t risk your studies; first and foremost, concentrate on your studies since this is your graduation year. By the way look amazing on this Lonsdale hoodie.

  • As said above, the lonsdale hoodie is also a thing that is worn by socialsts in Holland. That might be the reason why i don’t like the vest. But the rest of your outfit is pretty as always, especially the boots!http://WWW.CATWALKTOCASUAL.BLOGSPOT.COM

  • love this look :)

  • THOSE BOOTS! They are amazing! Love the way you styled them. XOXOEK