My Wilderness Festival Vlog and Fashion Diary x Swarovski.

Wilderness Festival, England

doina ciobanu wilderness festival-8

As you all know already from my Snapchat and Instagram, I spent the last weekend in Oxfordshire at the Wilderness Festival with Swarovski. I have to say that it was by far the most beautiful festival I have ever been to. How is it different? Well, Wilderness gathers people of every age, and when I say EVERY age, I mean it. You’ll be dancing with toddlers, sharing a table with people of your grandparent’s age and “style competing” with your age pals, which is an absolutely amazing feeling of diversity. Ironically enough, it is the musical event where you actually won’t care about the music just because you will be drawn away by the fun activities, amazing food and beautiful cool lake.

As much as I wish to have more time getting my outfits ready for festivals, somehow I always end up putting them together at the last minute. This time I really wanted to create looks around my Swarovski jewellery, which was lots of fun because the jewellery is quite different so I was able to experiment with wearing different cuts and pieces.

doina ciobanu wilderness festival-15

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doina ciobanu wilderness festival-4 collage

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And here is some more about what I wore:

doina ciobanu wilderness festival


My first outfit was completely inspired by the “Coachella” look. Bell sleeves, face crystals, gypsy hair and temporary tattoos making my perfect Boho festival look. Strangely for some, I went for silver tone jewellery even though I had a golden skirt on. I’ve never been stereotypical when it comes to mixing those two, and the metallic shade of the skirt actually reflects some kind of whitish colour which makes it the perfect match for silver tones.


doina ciobanu wilderness festival-22

doina ciobanu wilderness festival-18

doina ciobanu wilderness festival-2


I was wearing: Delta earrings, the Distinct bangles in silver-tone (find the wide one HERE), Creativity, Vittore and Curly ring.


doina ciobanu wilderness festival-28


On the second day I wore a much more comfortable and simple look with biker boots, a blue romper and a matchy backpack. I kept my earrings on and added the Distinct bangle in rose gold-tone to break up the silver and blue with some extra sparkle.


doina ciobanu wilderness festival-26

doina ciobanu wilderness festival-29


I was wearing: Delta earrings and Distinct bangle in rose-gold tone


doina ciobanu wilderness festival-40


For the third outfit I finally got to wear the beautiful Daphne necklace from Swarovski, which I’m completely obsessed with. The big crystals with different colours reflect really nicely in sunlight and the butterfly covered in crystals in the middle keeps on sparkling. My outfit is very simple to re-create and add into your casual style, denim overall, white crop top and biker boots. However, in order to make it a festival look I added a poppy crown and painted some cute little flowers in the same colour on my left cheek.


doina ciobanu wilderness festival-34

doina ciobanu wilderness festival-33

doina ciobanu wilderness festival makeup


I was wearing: Daphne necklace and Distinct bangle in rose-gold tone


Thanks to Swarovski for having us at Wilderness, it was a really awesome experience and the best way to end our summer travelling.

P.S. I’m excited to know your opinion, my loves! Which one was your favourite outfit, or which one would you re-create for a festival? And make sure to send me pics if you do!



Photos and Video: Daniel Dykes

  • Amélie C

    Love the flash tattoos and your outfit. Perfect.

  • viktoria

    волшебна! вам очень идут длинные волосы!

  • tatiana

    I definitely love the overalls with the flower crown is the perfect outfit for the occasion, super cute yet comfortable. <3

  • Love the Boho feel of the first one, but the last outfit is my favourite! 🙂

  • Thank you Amelia 🙂

  • Спасибо большое!

  • Aw, thank you lovely x

  • Haha, I know what you mean 😀

  • eileen08

    I love your outfits, they compliment the Swarovski jewellry really well. Where is the blue playsuit from? It looks amazing!

  • Lovey Fleming

    Gorgeous looks, gorgeous pictures, gorgeous film, gorgeous time! I personally adore the blue romper + boots! So cool how you styled all of the jewelry and flash tattoos. Just lovely


  • Thanks a lot! It’s from Guess 🙂

  • I loved your outfits!

  • Michelle K. Lee

    looks so fun!