Shhh… We’re about to have fun again!.

London, England



(Swarovski pieces featured above: Daphne Long necklace, Delta earrings, Distinct Narrow bangle,  Distinct wide bangle, Creativity ring

Freshly arrived in London from one of the most amazing trips I’ve ever had, Daniel and I are hitting the road again for yet another exciting project with Swarovski. This weekend you’ll find us in the land of music, art and gastronomy also known as the Wilderness Festival. I can’t express how excited I am about this opportunity, this summer just keeps getting better and better. It doesn’t happen often that you get the chance to experience a completely new and unique music festival. Moreover, Wilderness isn’t just about music, it is a cultural event that gathers thousands of interesting and creative people from around the country. There are various workshops and activity every day, from spiritual lessons on how to maintain a good love life to hunting and skinny dipping and as you can imagine, I am already annoying Daniel with a long list of what I want to do while there (praying that the weather stays good).

Now my only concern is packing. It’s always hard when the point of your short trip is to have fun and not think too much about dressing up. Luckily Swarovski have already sent me a “survival kit” that you need for every festival like lip balm, tissues (dry and wet), dry shampoo and of course some sparkling jewellery to compliment my outfits, like the Creativity ring, Distinct Bangles, Delta earrings. The last one is not a survival requirement, but it most certainly is a style one. Believe me, you want to travel with as few clothes as possible and beautiful jewellery really makes a difference when clothes don’t. I do prefer silver for festivals, it feels a lot more casual and it is much easier to add to pretty much every outfit, and you know that I’m a big fan of multiple rings on my fingers, so that’s going to be present anyways, be the rest of the jewellery golden or silver.  I will be looking at outfits in the next few days (very last minute as always!), but my style guidelines are Coachella and the boho/indie vibe we’ve all seen there, probably more girly rather than grungy. What do you guys think? Don’t be shy and send me some ideas on how I should style my Swarovski jewellery ; )

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Doina xx


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swarovski festival-2

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  • Michèle

    aww Doina, you’re the cutest and I LOVE your make up here

  • You are such a beauty Doina! Beautiful pictures! X

  • Yey! New adventure!

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    You’re so cute!!!! Love this post

    have fun!


  • love these earrings!

  • Such a beautiful lady!

    Those jewelery pieces are amazing.