Petal Dreams.

Skopelos, Greece

 Zara lace dress (similar HERE)/ Saint Laurent bag (similar HERE) / Soludos espadrilles (similar HERE) / anklet and silver ring bought on Skopelos

There is something special about tall white walls surrounding wide steps, decorated with unbelievably saturated flowers, that lead to the top of the village. It somehow recalls the few peaceful scenes of Game of Thrones, only the experience and outcome feel to be a lot more positive.

On those awfully hot and humid days, you don’t want to wear more than a white lace dress and messy hair in a ponytail. That gives you freedom in movement and a certain feeling of easiness, in order to explore the beautiful old corners of an unknown to you town.

doina ciobanu white lace dress collage2 doina ciobanu white lace dress-11  doina ciobanu white lace dress-21

doina ciobanu white lace dress-20

doina ciobanu white lace dress-28

doina ciobanu white lace dress-25

doina ciobanu white lace dress-2    doina ciobanu white lace dress collage

doina ciobanu white lace dress-15

doina ciobanu white lace dress-18             doina ciobanu white lace dress-23

doina ciobanu white lace dress-6

  • This place is so romantic.

  • Cecilia

    Amazing pics,absolutely magical!!

  • That lace dress looks marvelous.

    xx Mira

  • Kate

    You look so cool!Gorgeous pics.

  • The colour of the flowers is like the perfect backdrop to this outfit, the dress, the bag…everything looks simply amazing!!!

  • Rosaly

    Wooow!Great pictures and lovely dress!!

  • love the outfit! the place looks like such a dream

  • Amazing dress <3
    Saskia! xo

  • gorgeous pics!

  • Gorgoues look!

  • I like your dress. You look amazing!:)

  • Gorgeous! You look flawless even without make up xx

  • Hana

    like the bag

  • Elizabeth

    You look absolutely amazing!Beautiful photos.

  • Iti sta foarte bine cu parul prins!

  • love the photos and style,also bag is amazing

  • Maria

    Great photos and you are perfect!!

  • David

    You look really beautiful and natural!Love it.

  • Stunning pictures!

  • Dreamy photos!! What camera/lens do you use (although the photographer makes the most difference)?

  • AMAZING!!!

  • I want to visit that island next year, looks amazing. Love your look too 😉

  • Very sweet outfit 🙂

  • Beautiful location to shoot. And love how you paired the dress with espadrilles x

  • You look amazing in this post! Pretty girl in awesome outfit

  • You look stunning! Love your lace dress and bag! It looks like you are on a Greek Island!
    x Nina

  • Superb hues and pictures! Keep up the good work, your blog is an amazing visual-story!