White Dream.

Milan, Italy

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It was getting dark. We didn’t manage to get the tickets for the Duomo rooftop. Well actually we waited in a queue, and though the rooftop works till 7 PM, at exactly 6 PM, the men selling the tickets closed the computer and said “No more ticket. No ticket, no up”.

This was the second day we tried to get the beautiful sunset on the rooftop of Duomo, and after a day full of meetings and appointments, walking on heels and the hot weather just made me want to cry… And I would have if it wasn’t for Lena. Elena is my good friend and photographer during MFW. She just dragged me into the scouting of a new location, saying that the dress from Jessica Choay is too beautiful not to photograph it, that is how we ended up at the Sforza Castle.

We somehow managed to find an empty courtyard, and started shooting. Lena made me feel so good with her jokes and an easy way of reacting to the failures life brings us sometimes. And guess what?? Well, you can see the result and judge it, but i think the photos turned out to be amazing thanks to her positive attitude.

Thank you so much, Lenocika!

– – –

Уже темнеет. Мы не успели подняться на крышу Дуомо, а точнее, не успели купить билеты. Мы простояли в очереди 15 мин, и хотя крыша открыта до 7, в 6 продавец билетов закрыл кассу прямо перед нами, со словами “No more ticket. No ticket, no up”.

Вы можете себе представить как обидно нам было. Вот уже второй день мы бежим туда как сумасшедшие, с желанием отснять красивый Милансикй закат на крыше, а нас не пускают. Если бы не Лена, моя замечательная подруга и фотограф, я бы расплакалась (а я еще тот крепкий орешек). Но Ленка потащила меня за собой искать новое место, что-бы сфоткать красивое платье Jessica Choay пока еще было светло.

Так мы оказались в Замке Сфорца. Я конечно запаниковала, когда увидела огромное количество людей которые бесстыдно уставились на меня (никогда не чувствую себя комфортно в присутствии толпы, которая наблюдает за нашим творческим процессом). Ленка очень оперативно пошла искать какой-то пустой угол, и нашла этот чудесный двор. Только благодаря ей мы все-таки сфотографировали это платье, и только благодаря ее позитивизму я опять почувствовала себя хорошо.

Спасибо, Леночка!








Photos by Elena Goroshka

  • Carol

    Coool dress babe so elegant and pure:)


  • The dress looks marvelous. Love the photos 🙂

    xx Mira


  • Lovely dress!

  • Beautiful dress!

  • Anna

    Stunning! Doina you are breathtaking. One love!

  • well yes the pictures are stunning and so are you!
    and dont worry about the Duomo. Im sure you will return there many times and you will have the opportunity to climb your way up.
    Bisous from STYLE FEST

  • Ana

    Stunning photos, it’s as if you’re a classical sculpture yourself in that white dress ^.^

  • Sonya

    молодец, что начала писать на русском!)
    Лене привет!

  • Damn sexy.

  • Love the pictures! You look amazing 🙂

  • Елена

    Ты прекрасна,я обожаю твою индивидуальность!!!

  • Mary

    Lovely dress!You look amazing.

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  • you’re beyond stunning and what a gorgeous dress!


  • I love the positive attitude your friend has here. Look at how these shots turned out! So stunning! Life throws us curveballs all the time; what’s important is how we respond to them 🙂


  • Riri

    I think it’s your best photos!

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    Superba si magnifică !!

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    Love your blog!

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    Style of Purity

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    amazing dress!


  • I agree with your friend! That dress is a dream and the location turned out to be a great scenery for the shoot (:

    Love, Maria


  • Katerini

    You a beautiful!Wonderful pictures.

  • Dana

    You look fabulous❤️❤️

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  • I’ve had bad moments like that – I think wearing the heels makes you even more disappointed cuz you’re in so much pain sometimes. But you look beautiful here. x


  • This dress is absolutely lovely in it’s simplicity. No fancy hemlines or piping. Just fabric and the female body.

  • stunning. You and the dress. As well as the photos!

    Hayley xx

  • pristine. pure.
    as always you’re gorgeous 🙂


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  • Doina you are stunning wearing the elegant dress of JESSICA CHOAY!

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  • You look gorgeous! And I like that you’ve shot the pics actually at a totally new place to me! Don’t worry you’ll make your photos at Duomo next time. x


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    Love from ukraine.

  • Vicky

    The air in these pictures is so elegant and beautifully ethereal. Absolutely love it. She’s one good photographer.