Paradise is where your heart feels at peace. Zakynthos Tips.

Zakynthos, Greece

Finally the post about one of your favourite islands, Zakynthos, is here! I know, I know, it’s been a while, but I guess because I’m based in London now, my time is so limited and my schedule is full weeks in advance. Also particularly this summer has been crazy; shooting a lot of campaigns (more about that soon!), finding myself on a plane almost every week, and moving into a new flat… All that leaves you with no time for anything else.

I promise I’m getting better at organizing my time! Or at least that’s what I like telling myself.

So back to Zakynthos. It is not going to be a long full guide to the island and things worth doing there, however, I will share with you a photo diary and a few tips and favourite places.

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The Beach: Dafni 

Having quite an obsession with isolated and “virgin” beaches, Dafni is definitely my favourite beach on Zakynthos, and one worth seeing. Let the dirt track and creepy heights not scare you, because the 15 minute off-road experience is worth the pleasure and beauty you’ll see.

Don’t even think of Banana Beach if you want some privacy. It is a nightmare for people like me. Though Daniel and I had a lot of fun parasailing and jet skiing. So if you’re looking for some activities, totally worth it, but mostly the only reason to go!

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Travelling to Navagio Beach: Private boat

If you’re travelling with your family, it is worth hiring a private boat. The normal ticket price is €15-€20 per person, while the private boat will cost you around €140 for up to 8 people. It will take you to the Navagio Beach and the Blue Caves during the off-tourist hours, and you’ll also be able to stop and swim or snorkel for as long as you want.

But here is the trick. If you go to Agios Nikolaos (it’s the closest port to the shipwreck, so you’d spend the least amount of time getting there), the private boat hire will be €250. However, about 7km before the port (if you’re coming from the South of the island), on the right side, there will be a little restaurant with a “Trips to Navagio” sign. That is a very amicable small company, that charges far less than the crowded port.

Also remember that the best time to visit it is in the afternoon, at about 4pm. The trip takes up to 3hours, and you want to be back before 8, as the waves get really big closer to night.

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After an extremely peaceful and quiet week at a very isolated hotel on Skopelos, we really wanted some diversity. So having booked a hotel next to the beach, far from “civilization”, we spontaneously decided to move to the centre of Zakynthos town. Never regretted that decision! The town has beautiful architecture inspired by the Venetian style, really quiet during the day, and full of life at night. We finally felt young, being able to go out, dance and have some nice local cocktails.
What I liked about Zakynthos town is that every club we went to was full of locals or people from across Greeks, because most of the tourists you’ll find partying in Laganas.

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