A while ago I was asked to take part in a campaign organized by Canon. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the #WeSpeakImage campaign, organized by my favorite camera brand, was featuring 5 young influencers of Romania, and I was one of them. As the youngest and non-native participant, not only did I feel proud, but also inspired that I could do so many things overseas.

Canon offered me the chance to bring the small DSLRs into my daily life, from my outfit shootings, to my traveling experience. At the end of the campaign (or at least that’s when I finally got back in time for the final event), we filmed an interview together with some moments from my life. I set the video to automatically start at the part with me, but you’re more then welcome to watch it all, and find out about some interesting people featured in the campaign.


  • Madalina

    Superb Doina!!!