On my way to Paris.

Paris, France


Yasya Minochkina baby blue coat /  3.1. Phillip Lim electric blue trousers (similar HERE) / Zara brogue shoes / Celine bag

It surprised me how many people on my Tumblr and Instagram have been asking and wondering why I’m not in Paris for Fasion Week. Well, my lovelies, I’ll tell you that there is no way I can live without Paris more than half a year, so I’m definitely back to my favorite city on Earth! And truth be told, my trips to Paris are never driven from my duties as a fashion blogger, on the contrary, this city makes me so lazy I can’t concentrate on anything other than the actual city. Yes, you can write that down, doctor, you have an obvious individual suffering from the Syndrome de Paris here. But then there is nothing quite like an inspiration born from a beautiful obsession

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  • Love your coat, such a great outfit for travel

  • Q

    safe journey! have fun.x


  • lovely!


  • Stunning!

  • good luck dear!


  • Great travel look! Have a fabulous time in Paris!!


  • I love being in Airport and I love seeing people´s pictures in airports. Airport means “Something is Going to Change”.

    Love that Feeling. (Not in case of “Goodbuys” 🙂 )