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London, England

When traveling for pleasure, I don’t really care about the location of the place I’m staying in, after all the company, what you see and what you eat matters the most. However, the situation is totally different on business trips. You can’t waste half of your day on the tube (buses or cabs in London take 3 times longer), when every minute is important, one delay on the Jubilee Line, then another one on the Bakerloo line, and a meeting is gone; or sometimes you can’t even polish your face in the morning, or have a healthy breakfast, because you have to leave too early to be somewhere in time. Therefore, a central location in situations like that is crucial.

During my latest trip to London, I had the chance to stay at a very well situated hotel, W Hotel- Leicester Square. 2 of my meetings in the same day, but at totally different hours, turned out to be a 4 and 7 minute walk from my hotel. Ah, you can’t imagine what a relief that is, to know you can quickly go back and take a shower, put on make-up or have the coffee you didn’t manage to drink in the morning. By the way regarding that, there is every coffee shop you can desire, Starbucks, Costa, Pret-a-Manger, and so on. Not even mentioning that I was 2 mins from one of my favorite streets in the city, aka the most beautifully decorated road, Regent Street.

Hope this little “hotel advisor” was helpful for you, guys!






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Photos: Goroshka and Instagram

  • Wow that hotel looks amazing. Glad you enjoyed your stay.

    xx Mira

  • M.S.M

    Love u’re pics!

    BURGUNDY, BLUE and BLACK…all in an EASY CHIC outfit with BOYFRIEND JEANS::

    xoxo, from SPAIN!

  • M.S.M

    Love u’re pics!

    BURGUNDY, BLUE and BLACK…all in an EASY CHIC outfit with BOYFRIEND JEANS::

    xoxo, from SPAIN!

  • I simply love London! 🙂

  • this bed ♥

  • My first W was in Taiwan and I don’t think that will be the last. I’ve always love the simplicity and contemporary styled room. The only down side about the recent design for the W is that there’s no separation between the room and bathroom. I know it can get romantic but I wouldn’t want to wake my partner up if he would like to sleep-in and I would like to wake up and get a shower. That is in my opinion =)

  • Such a lovely place!

  • Epp

    It looks so so cozy there! I really love these insight posts to the travelling life! 🙂



  • wow, what a beautiful hotel room, I love the W Hotel chain, the one in Barcelona is breathtaking as well!



  • wow, the hotel looks incredible! Love your outfits and photos 🙂

    Hayley xx