VLOG: #DoinaStyling featuring 1 blazer and 5 looks.


I’ve been working with Reserved for the past few months, and have worn their clothes dozens of times. You know how picky I am with brands that I work with and ever since I went to Poland with Reserved and got to meet the team and learn more about the story behind it I fell completely in love. I love believing in brands and I love brands I believe in and Reserved is one of those brands, so I’m more than thankful to have been working with such a wonderful team.

Now closer to the topic, I got this blazer beginning of December and have worn it so many times that I thought for my next post I should create a style guide on how to wear a piece like this, a blazer dress to be more specific, in different situations. I still get loads of messages with questions about styling and I get the impression that people are still slightly afraid to wear one piece in different ways. Well don’t be! I do it all the time and I hope with this video I can convince you to as well.

Doina x

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE! Such a great vlog girl! x


  • LOve this !

  • Simply beautiful looks! Love 💗the styles paired together! 💗👍🏼💗

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