VIDEO. Make-up tutorial from day to night in New York.

New York, United States

I know I know, it’s been so long and so many of you have been asking for it, but the past few months have been so extremely busy for me, filled with a lot of travelling, events and work. But hey, travelling doesn’t have to be only about work, it can also be awesome content for Instagram and a chance to film something new! Even though that’s working too… But at least it’s more fun because I actually get to interact with you!

It’s been quite hard for me to start video because I didn’t have an exact idea of what I wanted to do. Ever since I moved to London I have developed a great love for make-up, it kind of appeared at the same time I started going to events. And the bigger and more important the events where getting, the more I had to learn about makeup because daylight photography and event/red carpet photography are completely different things, and the night will bring the worst out of your face!

On the other hand, I don’t just want to start beauty vlogging, there are so many girls who are already doing it mega well so trying to break that niche would be time consuming and just not right for me. Even though beauty is so much of my life, fashion is my primary job and industry, so I thought what i could start doing is somehow connecting my style with my beauty looks… which is a part of my style anyways!

So what I’ll try to do is share with you my make-up choices and the trends I see on the catwalks, in fashion editorials, but show the way I would actually wear that specific beauty look out in the city, to photoshoots or events. Maybe that will work out to be something nice?

Anyways, here is a new video for you so please do let me know what you think and also don’t forget to subscribe to get notified about any new ones I’ll be posting xx

P.S. You can find the names and links to all the products I’m using in this tutorial. 

  • Ollyvia Laura

    you are alike Kendall, seriously <3


  • your voice changed so much! I remember an interview you gave in Russian, you were 16 or 17 then… And of course, you look so stunning!

  • Haha, thank you Karolina. Yes, voices do really change after teenage years… thanks God! 😀

  • Ahaha, is that a compliment? I do get it quite a lot though x

  • Michèle

    wow, looks super pretty

  • Lovey Fleming

    I adore your tutorial! Such a beautiful eye look~


  • Thank you so much, really happy to hear that xx

  • Thanks a lot, Michele 🙂

  • Wow, stunning look! I love the way you bring out the look with a few colours and highlights!