A moment in Venice.


Wearing a dress from Realisation par dress, Newbark shoes and Oliver Goldsmith sunnies 

Ah Venice, my heart fills with so much love when speaking about you. The architecture, the canals, the unexpected music in a dark alleyway, the delicious pasta… Oh wait, this is not Venice. Vegas? Ok, forget it.

But on a more serious note, how good does the Venetian hotel in Las Vegas look? I was pretty impressed TBH even though I’m quite hard to impress with “fake historical architecture”.


  • An absolute cute, fun and beautiful look … and the lovely city in the background is furthermore a gorgeous image! 🙂

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  • You look fantastic, Doina! Love the dress!


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  • such nice pics!! <3


  • mariel

    You look absolutely stunning Doina, your outfit, hair and the whole backdrop reminds me of the 60s, love it! You could’ve fooled me, I thought you were actually in Venice on the first pic til you said it was Vegas! So awesome <3

  • Perfect photos!


  • Love this!! x
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  • hahaha, nice one doina ! You almost got me fooled too with your “Venice” :)))
    looking amazing!