Valentine’s Make-up Talk.


Doesn’t really matter whether your boyfriend is taking you to a fancy restaurant on the 40th floor of a skyscraper, or choses an intimate dinner at home and a walk through the empty streets of the city… Or maybe you don’t even have a boyfriend and are all into drinking champagne alone and watching “Gone with the Wind” and “Casablanca” CDs.  That’s fine, because you’re all beautiful and strong women who deserve a little beauty treat for yourselves all year long.

I’ve wanted to share with you some of my “beauty” moments for this year, so as you might have guessed, Valentine’s Day is just a reason for me to finally do it… Well and the “Women’s Day” (for my Eastern European readers) coming not long after that.

Even when it comes to make-up, I stick to my boundaries of a natural look. And don’t get the impression that I don’t like smokey eyes or red lips, you’ve already seen me do that, but I always keep it balanced with a few easy habits:

1.  I hate heavy layers of many products on my skin, feels like my skin is being intoxicated more and more with every second. Sometimes I will only use my mascara or eyeliner, lip balm covered with nude lipstick and a touch of loose powder. However, I confess that on a daily basis (non fashion week/ non shooting period) 90% of the time you’ll see me “make-up naked”.

2.  Either eyes, or lips. As I’ve mentioned above, not a big fan of heavy make-up. If I choose a red or burgundy lips, I’d go for eyeliner inside and around the eye. However, when going for black or brown smokey eyes (my favorite for that is the NAKED palette), a nude lipstick is the perfect way to finish the look.

3. Pink blush exclusively with a clean, pale make-up. I’d rather the matryoshkas do the job they do best!

4. The perfect touch to a light make-up is a white pencil. A little trick is that using it inside your eye will also create the effect of bigger eyes.

5. Many of you have been asking me about the lipstick I’m using for my burgundy lips. Well, the secret is, there isn’t one! There are about 4! Dark lip pencil, burgundy lipstick, violet lipstick and a little bit of black eye pencil. (I think I might do a tutorial of that this spring).

My new favorite nude lip essentials, as seen on Instagram.


Kisses and wishing you a week full of affection!

D x


  • great post!

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    Love this post! Would be cool to see that tutorial x

  • Cool post!

  • cool tips 🙂 thanks x

  • Yes, please do a tutorial on your burgundy lips!

  • Wonderful! I also do mot like too much cosmetics on my face! I just feel myself like doll with caky face huh :))

  • Perfect! I love that it is soft and gentle 🙂

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    Doina, vei merge anul asta la PFW?

  • I would love to see this tutorial! 🙂

  • Wow!!! So beautiful and romantic)