St. Tropez, France

Jessica Choay DESEO dress (email for orders [email protected])/ Christian Louboutin V pumps/ Asos chain bracelet/ Christian Dior sunglasses

      Summer is very different to all the other seasons. Why? Because it’s the time of the year when you can feel utterly relaxed, inspired, happy, healthy, satisfied… or depressed, unhealthy, unsatisfied, uninspired, tired. To achieve the first mentioned by me state of mind, it is crucial to identify your body’s reaction to the environment. There are a few ways to do that, but i’ll share with you the ones i find the most convincing.


– the air is too hot to breathe;

– the brightly shining sun blinds you;

– insomnia has taken over and you feel over exhausted;

– lack of inspiration;

– losing your concentration and organizing skills

– – –

What’s the solution? Well, I’m very sorry to upset you, but there isn’t one “key action” to make your summer better… there are lots!

– organize a sudden vacation somewhere with a pool or sea to cool down in;

– relax! spend at least a few hours a day not doing anything logical or rational;

– Spritz, Spritz and SPRITZ!

– wear a beautiful DESEO dress by Jessica Choay to fight the heat with your hotness;

– read, listen to your favorite music, eat fruits and croissants;

– put a red lipstick on and feel strong… but don’t forget to take it off when you go swimming!

– intelligent conversations with friends and wine;

– wear a pair of Christian Louboutin V pumps; (or just any other shoes you find attractive)


DSC03668-3  DSC03662-3

DSC03658-3 DSC03683-3

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Photos by Fashionising

  • Wow what an amazing dress and the heels are to die for. Love this look.

    xx Mira

  • Wow, you look stunning. You look very very different with the red lipstick on, different but great.
    XO Sonia

  • Viktoria

    I dream about shoes from Christian Louboutin! I’m sure someday they’ll buy 🙂

  • that dress is so sexy, you look gorgeous!

  • amazing!

  • Not too crazy about the dress but you do look fantastic 🙂

  • so stylish and the location is perfect

  • Absolutely stunning pictures!


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  • Beautiful, I really like your heels.


    Style of Purity

  • stunning photos <3

    Hayley xx

  • jACK

    Your shoes are not for you, I guess? They look big for your foot. 🙂

  • what a statement dress!

  • super pictures! I’ve worn Jessica Choay some time ago and I loved the chicness and simplicity of the dress!

  • that dress is great but maybe the slit is a tad too high…


  • that dress is seriously awesome, so elegant but yet sexy. And the pumps are a dream

  • Diana

    Beautiful Doina!!!!!

  • You look HOT! those are some killer heels! Perfection!

  • you look absolutely gorgeous! STUNNING!!! this whole look works so well!


  • Gorgeous shoes, great pictures! x

  • Lina

    You look FANTASTIC !!!

  • Wow Wow Wow! This time you cannot look more hot!
    This post is absolutely amazing you’re looking so pretty, I think is one of my favourite posts from you’re blog!

    Love your advices for having a happy summer!

  • absolutely gorgeous!

  • Lovely dress.

  • Cool shoot! You look stunning!

  • This entire look is just STUNNING !

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    xoxo from Japan

  • WOW! Super stylish and sexy look!

  • Nano

    Beautiful Doina!!!!I love your dress!

  • Silvia

    You look amazing honey!

  • Magdalena

    Absolutely stunning!!

  • Sandri

    Perfection !!!!!

  • Inessa


  • the cover up AND the shoes are flawless.

  • That’s a really nice dress and red really go so well with it =)