INTERVIEW: Olya Shikhova.


20130607-121922.jpgToday I am extremely honored to present you one of the most talented jewelry designers from Russia – Olya Shikhova. She is a young lady who managed to make her name well-known all over the world in a short period of time, just by believing in her dream. Due to her absolutely different perception of beauty, she creates incredible  accessories. They’re unique, not like anything you’ve seen before, that’s what makes you fall in love with them from the first sight . Olga’s work was noticed even by such experienced connoisseurs of fashion like the former editor-in-Chief of L’Officiel Russia, Evelina Kromchenko.


«Collars from Olya Shikhova became unquestionably the best accessory of the week – in any author’s performance, whether it be tight silk or vinyl» -Vogue UK

But i guess that’s enough for a presentation, I will better let you read some of her personal thoughts, which I am flattered to share with you.


It was a conscious decision to give the brand my name. I wanted my name to become a brand, as much as I want people to feel my personal attitude in all the collections I make. Each line of  my necklaces has its own source of inspiration, for instance Monet’s or Lempicka’s paintings. ( famous Polish painter 1898-1980, first woman painter who was also a glamorous diva ). I think I create art, and just like every other piece of art, mines deserve a unique name, not only an article or a tag.

I wasn’t afraid when I started to make jewelry. All I wanted was to create pieces people would want to admire and wear. Therefore, the only things I had to deal with were myself and my imagination.
However, after realizing that not everything is as easy as it seems to be, and that in order to build a successful business you need a good marketing, PR, assistant, the fear started to get in my way.
My desire was the only thing that mattered to me. I totally understood how to make fashionable, high-quality, unique accessory, that’s why I wasn’t afraid.

20130607-120341flowerblazer 20130607-121905flowerblazer

I remember my first collars collection. I created a milk color collar. But for the collection it wasn’t enough, so I completed it with little sparkling crystals. I fell in love with it, and I wasn’t the only one.


All my accessories are handmade. It takes me a long time to create the first model of the collection- about 3-4 days. It is a real process of creation. For other similar pieces,  my colleagues and I spend less time.




I think the most extravagant piece I have ever made is my silver-matisse-necklace. It is a lot of hard-work, but looks fabulous.
Comfort is a very important thing to me. Women need to feel comfortable when they wear both clothes and accessories. Even small accessory can look outstanding…if you know how to wear them, of course!


My favorite piece, which I feel most sentimental about is my small yellow necklace. It is a very casual thing that goes well with everything. I want you to understand that each of accessory is like “a child” to me, so the most sentimental moment is when I see women wearing them.

20130607-120358flowerblazer 20130607-120347flowerblazer



I think there is no difference between clothing and jewelry designers. In my opinion, I would be able to create clothes, just like I create accessories. The most important thing is to realize when you’re ready for that, because it’s a big step.


My artistic style can be described as romantic and eclectic. I try to create accessories with different styles and ideas. All my pieces reflect my sense of beauty, my mood, my inspiration and everything that gets my attention.


My inspiration sources are life, friends, movies, music, cities, artists, art. You never know what or who will inspire you. It can be the desire to create something for myself or my friend, or it can be a memory from my childhood. That is why creating is not that hard, because there is inspiration all around us, all we need to do is look.



Does beauty require sacrifices? Precisely! I sacrifice my time and my passion all the way! But I really enjoy what I’m doing, it makes me truly happy. However, I think it’s important to only sacrifice the unimportant to you things, in order to achieve you’re greater desires.


If my collection were in a burning room and I only had time to save one piece…  I think it would be a brand-new piece that I’ve just created and haven’t had enough time to enjoy it.


I always miss my accessories. Even the ones I sold, or gifted, but especially my first pieces. Every single necklace or collar I make has a small part of my heart, that’s why after taking part in their creation, it’s really hard to say “Good-bye”.


The most important piece in a girl’s closet? For me – it’s a right pair of jeans and…  fabulous necklace of course! This combination makes a woman feel comfortable and free at the same time. Attractiveness and seduction are defined by a woman’s confidence +  maybe a small necklace that can make her eyes sparkle!


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