Turtleneck- wear or not?.



A vital element of every person’s wardrobe that whishes to look good combining essential things is – the turtleneck. In particular, this item can give an aristocratic feel to your look. Of course, if you know how to wear it right.

Men are not so fond of turtlenecks, because they consider that it makes them look feminine and frail. Plus, there’s a cliché that turtlenecks are worn only by painters and jewelry thieves. Statements that are absolutely wrong. This type of sweater makes you look more sophisticated.


So, boys, remember that if you decide to wear a turtleneck out of thin material, wear it solo with a pair of jeans. But if you decide to go for a jacket or blazer, then these must necessarily be from the same color tone, without any radical contrasts. If you choose a turtleneck from a thicker material, then you have two ways of wearing it: with a woolen demiseson blazer (don’t wear it with a cotton coat) or, second, with a shirt underneath. The combination of a soft woolen turtleneck and a blue shirt is very aristocratic, don’t you think?


Ladies, my beautiful ladies, you can wear a turtleneckwith everything: skirts, pants, even under dresses or shirts. Wear it with leather clothes (the most amazing contrast of materials). Don’t choose only blackturtlenecks. Take the chance wearing more risky colors. But don’t forget to back them up with the same color in your look. Team them up with some jewelry and a small clutch and you are ready to attend a party. And remember – less is more, and simple – is beautiful!

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  • love it!


  • Wear it for sure!

  • Yes to turtlenecks! Somehow I can’t think of anything else that brings the same sophistication and elegance to an outfit!


  • Obsessed with turtlenecks, it instantly makes me feel ‘stylish’ even on the worst of days!
    Great tips!