No introduction.

Skopelos, Greece

Wearing a Triangl swimsuit 

Not having internet at home is such a pain. England being England, everything takes a while, and everyone has learned to deal with it and be patient. However, as Eastern European as I am, waiting just drives me lalalala. So Sky is finally coming to install the internet in my new flat at the end of this month, and considering I’ll spend most of the next week in Portugal, that is a quite reasonable wait. But with so much offline work at the moment, once I get home to pick up my laptop, I lie down for 5 minutes to rest my feet, and can’t be bothered moving.

The Starbucks near my place has the slowest internet, so getting to a place with respectable speed takes some effort. Hopefully this few weeks fly fast, and the source of my existence is restored! (joking)

I guess no introduction is needed for this swimsuit. We all love Triangl.

doina ciobanu triangl swimwear 2

doina ciobanu triangl swimwear-6

doina ciobanu triangl swimwear-7


doina ciobanu triangl swimwear-10

doina ciobanu triangl swimwear-3 2

doina ciobanu triangl swimwear-9

doina ciobanu triangl swimwear-8

doina ciobanu triangl swimwear-2-2

doina ciobanu triangl swimwear-5

Photos: Daniel Dykes


  • You look amazing!

  • Love Triangl swimwear! You look stunning in it!

  • So glamorous, love the mood of these pictures…You’re so talented!

  • I was hopping you would make this post! I really love the swing suit!
    You can get a break from internet for a while take it as a mini vacation, we all need it sometimes!
    Have a nice day!

  • Lovely!

  • This looks like an amazing place to swim! 🙂

  • beautiful!

  • You look gorgeous!

  • lovely!

  • You look amazing! 🙂


  • You look absolutely stunning, so fit!

  • I want your body!!!

  • amazing shots!

  • Love the body chains! I really enjoy browsing though your blog! 🙂

  • You look gorgeous! Love Triangl Swimwear 🙂


  • Beautiful images, you look stunning x
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    Twitter: @thestylemma

  • suki

    I liked ur style always but I think u r girl with a class n dont need to do ,,sexy,, pictures to expose all body beside a pool. 🙂 u dont need to do this 😉 be a lady!


  • Doina Ciobanu

    Thank you, but I am also a model, and campaigns like this are my job 🙂

  • suki

    ahan! If is job, then it is a job! :)))) wish u nice times!