Trench out.


You know, there are days between seasons when it’s windy outside, rain drips slowly, but it’s not very cold. In days like that your mood is full of melancholy and don’t really feel like doing something important. You just wanna go out with BFF and have a hot latte with one (or even 2-3) croissants. However, whatever the reason and the mood is, you always need to look stylish. Stepping out of your front door, you shall be 100% confident about the outfit you’ve chosen. Remember what they say?

“Always dress like you’re going to meet your worst enemy” 

That’s why you have to just make “fabulous” your second middle name, and I know we can all do that. Ain’t I right, my dears??

So what do we use on those foggy and drizzling days? Well, the answer is simple and classy- a trench coat.

According to WIKIPEDIA:

  • trench coat or trenchcoat is a raincoat made of waterproof heavy-duty cotton drill or poplin, gabardine or leather. It generally has a removable insulated lining, raglan sleeves, and the classic versions come in various lengths ranging from mid-calf to above the knee.It was originally a military item of clothing and shows this influence in its styling.

The classic version is a knee-length double-breasted coat, khaki or beige colored… Or at least that is the traditional Burberry one, which I am pretty certain is the most famous one in the whole world. Of course, nowadays there are lots of models and each of us should choose the one that is closer to his/her style. Even if you can wear a trench coat with basically anything, I would still want to offer you some structured suggestions:

1.With mini shorts. (or “ATTENTION! Sexiness all around!”). I find this the hottest way to wear it. There may be two types of shorts:

  • denim– for daily outfits

  • leather or dense cotton– for evening.

In this case the trench shall always be unzipped. And I would advise you to never wear stockings under shorts. Also never, you hear me, NEVER wear the trenchcoat with knee length shorts.


2. With Wellington rain boots. At first they might seem to be rough and tough, but hey, I’m not telling you to go in them to a ball. As you see on the photos, on rainy days, they can be combined with anything from lush skirts to short overalls. Never put out on bare feet, because seriously, even if it might look nice, you’re going to be cold and uncomfortable. And despite the fact that you will like them very much, i wouldn’t advise you wear them too frequently. Remember they were created for rain. On other days you have more tender shoes.


3.With carrot fitted jeans. These jeans are the most beautiful denim piece in a woman’s wardrobe. They do not charge up, but create a feeling of elegance and comfort. It is best if these jeans will be ragged. They should be worn with high heeled sandals with two buckles, for a more sophisticated look. It’s better to wear them rolled up. To create grunge chic style you can wear them with some Martens and loose tees.


4.With bell bottomed skirt. Use it to create a retro inspired look. I would advise you  wear high heels or platforms, in order to make your image slimmer, but remember you can always carry a pair of super easy flats in your bag, so that you don’t ruin your feet. The important detail here is the length. If you have a flared to the bottom trench, your  skirt that you wear underneath must always be of the same length or shorter. Thus generates extra volume in the lower part, which really flatters feminine shape.


5. Wear like a dress. Since Christopher Bailey dressed up models in trenches on naked bodies in 2011, the whole world fell in love with his idea. Can’t say this is the best choice for evenings, but it looks gorgeous as a casual look. It might be a maxi or knee length trench, from silk or dense cotton; however, the most important is to know how to wear it. Try to keep a clean collarbones line or if you feel like wearing a necklace, choose a large one (i.e. golden chain). And this is the look that you just can’t wear with anything other than open high heels.


6. Striped clothes. A huge trend of this season, girls and boys go insane about them. It can make you look expensive and flawlessly. The combination of neutral tones and graphic print works the best. This can be a t-shirt or a dress. But the stripes should always be horizontal.


7. Carrot style pants. The thin cotton or silk ones look very expensive. You have to wear them rolled up if you mix them with intricate designed sandals. But if your sandals are very simple (two buckled) always wear them straight. A thing to remember is that the trench should be of a knee length.


8. With dresses. Never wear maxi dresses with a trench- looks awful! Here are the only two types of dresses you can use with it:

  • short cocktail dress. They may be plain or with a graphic or flowery print on it. If you choose a plain one, it should be bright colored. Always play with the contrasts. Notice to yourself that the dress should be shorter or the trench length. 


  • shirt designed dress. This kind of dress makes a woman look very sophisticated and relaxed. It’s basically made for summer evenings. And the best color in my opinion is pale blue


And remember, dears – everything happens when it needs to happen. Don’t rush your beautiful life!


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