Trench Coat and Loafers.



Do you know the feeling when out of nowhere you get what you’ve desired for so long? The same thing happened to me with this trench coat. Queen’s Wardrobe has always been one of the amazing websites I visit from time to time, but unfortunately, never get the chance to buy anything, because of the lack of PayPal in Moldova. Well you can imagine how happy I was to get involved into the “blogger’s project” on Queen’s Wardrobe. The first piece that totally caught my eye was this beautiful mint trench coat. Perfectly casual and chic, perfectly simple and feminine at the same time. It is “that” statement piece every woman should have in her closet in case of a rainy, windy or slightly sunny day. 
The Burberry Prorsum loafers I found on Net-a-Porter a few months ago. These and the ones from Matiko ( I should really take some photos with them as well, promise to do it this spring!!) are the only pairs I own. I love how the loafers, trench coat and men’s shirt create a classy and casual outfit, which looks a little bit more relaxed with a pair skinny jeans. 

trench coat thanks to Queen’s Wardrobe
Ted Lapidus shirt (from men’s department)
Jeans from COS
Burberry Prorsum loafers


P.S. The Winner of the Moja sweater is Mariana!! Congrats!! And I hope the rest of you don’t
get sad, I promise we are going to hold other giveaways 🙂


  • simple and beautiful!Polly with love)follow)

  • Love the loafers they have a beautiful masculinity touch that fits perfectly with the coat, I really like the combination you make, feminity and masculinity. PERFECT!P.S. Love to see my name in your blog, really you made my night.

  • So cute and simple. Love it!—Shanice,♥

  • Beautiful;)

  • I want a pair of masculine shoes as well! They’re such a nice contrast from this feminine take of menswear these days. Why not go all out and wear actual men’s footwear? You don’t always have to feminize everything just so a woman can wear it.The Quiet Spaces

  • LOVING THE LOAFERS!http://www.aroundlucia.com

  • Your pastel coat looks gorgeous – great pictures…Join my new JIMMY CHOO GIVEAWAYTanja – or via Bloglovin

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful colour of trench :)Congrats to winner, I hope get this sweater…Maybe next time 😉

  • Anonymous

    Talia si picioarele tale subtiri creaza o disproportie cu acesti pantofi lungi si lati. Neplacuta disproportie.In schimb, asocierea dintre haina si camasa este foarte frumoasa!

  • Love the colour of this trench! It is definitely a must this spring!Desislava

  • Anonymous

    The loafers are too rough: the tip of the shoe is too narrow and long for your thin legs, you’d have better opted for a round tip loafers! That would be a much better look ‘cuz the rest is simply lovely!!

  • You look so cool!

  • Love you trench coat !

  • The trench coat is such a beautiful spring color!

  • STUNNING!!!!

  • amazing trench coat *__*new post-manhattan♥mfashionfreak

  • his trench is so beautiful! I love it!XoXoPlami

  • amazing look!<3FASHION PHILOSOPHY

  • This is so elegant and simple and I love it!

  • lovely coat!

  • I love this outfit. so simple but chic. the trench and the SHOES. love them!!!

  • so cute I love the color of the trench coat as well, its very unusual but very pretty

  • hei, saw you in Paris, so glad I found your blog!

  • Andres

    you are my favorite blogger! love yoU!!

  • Love this mint

  • Love this trench <3

  • WOW THAT’S SOOOOO CUTE! In love with the trench the color is so damn perfect. You look beautiful as always.http://www.bornonheels.blogspot.comxxx

  • Anonymous

    Am vazut interviul pe allfun si mi-a placut, esti fte draguta 🙂

  • You look sooo beautiful! Trench coat in mint is such a great idea!xx

  • Cute trench coat!

  • Adorable! Such a friggin cute coat <3 And I am in love with your shoes! – small GIVEAWAY

  • Can’t tell how much I love your coat! You look so stunning.Xen la moda

  • love ur coat! great look!

  • Gorgeous outfit!! Xx

  • Gorgeous outfit!! Xx

  • gorgeous trench coat ♥

  • Great look..can I have some of your awesomeness? ♥

  • beautuful trench!!!!

  • The trenchcoat’s color is awesome, I love it. And I totally like your loafers.

  • Anonymous

    very ugly shoes 🙁 makes your feet look 10 sizes bigger

  • Never seen a trench coat in that color before, its so soft and beautiful!

  • Wonderful! So beautiful! I like it very much. Thank you for sharing it. And our fashionable and cheap Abercrombie Outlet clothes are good choice for you, too.

  • This trench is fab! I love it!AlessiaTHE CHILI COOLFACEBOOK

  • I like the color of yout trenchcoat very much! x