Traveling Kit.



Since I travel so much, I decided it would be interesting to share my experience with you and give some advise on what to have in your trip bag. So here is a list of what I usually carry in my hand luggage on planes. Hope you find it helpful! x


1. My hand luggage is always so heavy because I cary around about 5 books, magazines, notebooks. What can I do? I love them! The Economist and Science & Vie are my latest Must Haves for flights.

2. No travelling without passports, health insurance, city/metro/train maps, and of course earphones!

3. My devoted iPhone is always with me, as well as my sim cards for Romania and France. 

4. Ah this cute little thingy! iPad mini obsession

5. There is always space for some pens and pencils in my bag, you never know what you might need them for (like sakura drawings or cloth sketches on a long train)

6. My all time favorite sunglasses- Celine Audrey.

7. Some candies? I always feel like i have a hole instead of my stomach when traveling, am always hungry.

8. This make-up bag from Bimba & Lola is amazing! It’s so small, but I can actually fit in it everything I need: eyeliners, lipsticks, crayon, mascara, eyeshadows, eye cream, ponytails, foundation, and many other small things… Impressive, huh?

9.  My hygienic set: mini face and hand cream (especially on long flights, skin gets dehydrated), eye cream (again perfect for flights, when you have problems with puffy eyes from tiredness), lip balm and  toothbrush.

10. I always use ponytails and hair pins… ok pins are more comfortable with my short hair now.

11. My work cards. You never know who you bump into, so better always have them around. 

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    super util.. chiar acum tre sa imi pregatesc bagajul pentru o mica vacanta si tot nu ajung sa decid de ce am nevoie si de ce nu am nevoie… as vrea sa vad si un post in care descrii tu procesul de selectie a outfit’urilor pe care le pui in valiza 🙂 un algoritm ceva:)

  • Nice post! I notice the paper clip to change the sim cards 😀
    You have a Romanian passport and a Moldovan one?

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