Travel Vlog – My trip to Hong Kong and China.

Hong Kong, China

I can finally say  s u b s c r i b e   t o   m y   Y O U T U B E, because I’m finally proud of it! And I know that I promised to update you with videos more often, guys, and I know I haven’t kept my promise, but I have a very good reason for that.

You see, I’m a perfectionist. I simply can’t stand the idea of not completely dedicating yourself to something and not giving it the 100% best of you. After self-learning, hundreds of video tutorials, pages of forums, I can firmly say this is my best EVER video edit! I am so happy and pleased with it, and one more time it proves my belief that quality is always more important than quantity.

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Looking forward to hearing your feedback!


  • wow amazing!! x

  • You did a great job editing it indeed! I watched it a few days ago when you uploaded it and I’m so looking forward to your next videos! 🙂 I like that we can know more about you and your lifestyle through them. Take care!

  • Sarah

    This is amazing Doina, so inspirational! Thank you for sharing xo

  • Luz

    We are proud of you too!! This video is so amazing, it is proffesionally done. How did you learn it? Or did someone help you? Anyhow, well done. Please start posting more videos 🙂

  • stamina

    Это очень круто! Ты волшебная девушка. было бы супер если бы ты начала делать видео и на русском. Все мои подруги твои фанатки, у тебя очень много русских читателей)

  • Good job! I am also learning video editing and it’s really not easy. It can take me up to 4-5 hours just to edit a 2 minute clip. Thanks for sharing this with us!

  • Thia Padilla

    The video was awesome! Great job Doina!

    PD: What’s the name of the song of the video?

  • Good luck with this new project <3

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