Tory Burch Visit.


To start describing Tory Burch as a clothing brand would be unfair and not true. I had been an admirer of Tory Burch herself for some time, but mostly of her personality and not just her designing skills. Unlike many others, she tries to get personally close to her clients. On her blog, Tory shares her life experience, lifestyle, people that inspire her, traveling… sounds familiar? Well of course, because that is exactly what I like! I believe that fashion is not only about clothing and the “buy/sell” procedure. It’s a very complex system, that involves our everything around us, food, health, intellect, beauty, work, being a mother or a daughter, a sister or a brother. Fashion is something that is supposed to make our daily lives more beautiful and also be useful. Tory Burch wholly covers my understanding of it.

The designer herself is a mother, a daughter, an entrepreneur, a life-lover and traveler. That life concept is reflected in the showroom that I visited in Milan. It’s cozy, beautiful, reminds me of the best places featured on The Coveteur! Thanks to the friendly team, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that there is a real story behind nearly every corner of that shwroom.

A few facts that I found interesting:

1. Tory is a Feng Shui believer. For showrooms, offices, private places, she has a master who suggests her how to arrange the space in a way that everyone would feel happy and will be filled with positive energy. 

2. Tory loves traveling, and is deeply inspired by different cultures. I noticed a lot of chinese elements, as well as moroccan inspired pieces. Later I was told that those cultures influenced her a lot.

3. Tory places her family above everything. You can’t imagine how surprised I was to see a whole wall with old family photos of her mother (a very beautiful actress) and her father. Also, she loves travelling with her mother… Rings a bell?? Yeah, totally reminded me!!

So now back to what I said, after finding out these few facts, I can state my argument that fashion is not only about clothing, it is a deeper perception of life.

IMG_6390toryburchIMG_6404toryburch IMG_6401toryburch IMG_6397toryburchIMG_6366toryburch IMG_6384toryburch IMG_6383toryburch IMG_6378toryburch IMG_6374toryburch IMG_6371toryburch IMG_6370toryburchIMG_6389toryburch IMG_6490toryburch
photos by Alexey Popoff

P.S. Gonna share the outfit photos with you a bit later, as I still have lots of posts to keep you up with, from Paris Fashion Week! x

  • Jane

    Wow that is a very interesting post. Usually people talk about clothes and superficial things, but you made it sound unusual. Congrats, i like your blog more with every post!

  • Carol

    Love her stuff!!!:) thank you for sharing dear

  • what a great showroom and love your hat!

  • Wow I love it!! And you looking awesome too:)

  • Anonymous

    You are the only blogger I know who did an explanation like that. Have you thought of doing something different from all the others, maybe video interview with celebrities from fashion? I think you would do that nice, because you have an understanding of this industry

  • Veronica

    Thank you for sharing!!!

  • Anna

    Very Interesting post!!!

  • Lili

    Wow,thank you for sharing!!

  • I love those loafers, you’re very lucky to search through that shop!

  • Deborah

    Great post,love Tory Burch!


  • Lovely post and the little facts.
    It is always nice to learn things for people other than the image.

    xx, A!

  • The interior is kind of kitschy…

    Hi! I’m an editor @

  • I have to say I really love that last pic!

  • Amira

    I am loving your blog more and more! 🙂

    I love how you are so passionate about fashion & love to share it as well. The big change in your blog is really for the better & i look forward to your next posts! 🙂

  • Mina

    Love Tory Burch!!!

  • intriguing post

  • awesome!
    very colorful!
    love this very very much!

  • These look so lovely and nice!

  • Irina

    Foarte interesant,multumim pentru impresii!!Te prinde bine palaria!

  • Tory Burch is starting to become one of my favourites. Her collections are beautiful!

  • love tory burch! great pictures! xoxo
    Emma <3

  • Wow, you two are so alike huh! The showroom looks incredible!

  • Lida Vinnikova

    My dream is to be there!)

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  • anonymous

    if you like Tory Burch you should look at Kate Spade also. It’s a bit more colorful than Tory Burch but in America they are definitely “rival” companies.