Hair on the go.

London, England

When your life is a constant movement like mine you start to look for comfort in all things. And when it also involves daily photos, hourly Snapchats or InstaSnaps, you sure as hell need good hair! But that can be very tricky especially on the go. Well, at least it used to be. Now that TONI&GUY has introduced the StyleFix collection nothing stops me from having GREAT HAIR all the time at only £24.99 (usually it’s 29.99 so make sure to get yours on an offer!). Compact and light these hair stylers fit in your bag and can travel anywhere with you. You know me ladies, when i discover something I really like I love sharing it with the world, which is why I’ve teamed up with TONI&GUY which is a brand I admire and have worked with before (does anyone recall LFW?), in order to create a story around these useful tools which you’ll also find in my suitcase to Malta tomorrow.

Scroll down to see how I’ve used the Fix Stylers to manage my fringe and longish hair for different situations x

straight hair

Straight hair is such an easy and universal hairstyle, especially when you’re on the go it only takes a few minutes to achieve it with the TONI&GUY Style Fix straightener. I decided to add a little twist to the classic sleek style by tying a silk scarf around the head (see below). doina ciobanu toni and guy collage 3

doina ciobanu toni and guy collage 1

doina ciobanu toni and guy collage 2

doina ciobanu toni and guy-8

doina ciobanu toni and guy-15

doina ciobanu toni and guy-7

doina ciobanu toni and guy-18

doina ciobanu toni and guy-2

doina ciobanu toni and guy collage 5


As much as I love my fringe, I am so so tired of it! I think it’s the constant unchanged style of it that bothers me. As you know, my hair is super straight so no matter how much sea salt water I put in it, or how much i crease it when it’s wet, it will still end up just straight. The TONI&GUY Style Fix curler actually inspired me to try a messier kinda look for the weekend and unevenly curl my fringe. I absolutely loved the result, what about you? But because my hair is just so stubborn, it slowly started taking its natural shape. Luckily I had the curler in my  bag and fixed the fringe during our lunch at Electric House. Pretty handy, no?doina ciobanu toni and guy collage 4 finaldoina ciobanu toni and guy collage 9

doina ciobanu toni and guy-45

doina ciobanu toni and guy collage 8

doina ciobanu toni and guy-58

doina ciobanu toni and guy collage 7

doina ciobanu toni and guy-33

doina ciobanu toni and guy-48

doina ciobanu toni and guy-60

doina ciobanu toni and guy collage 6

doina ciobanu toni and guy-50


Bad hair after gym? Not anymore. With the compact TONI&GUY StyleFix waver there is no excuse to spend hours at home after a workout getting ready to go out. Have your shower at the gym and get sleek evening hair with your hair styler. doina ciobanu toni and guy collage 10

doina ciobanu toni and guy-73

doina ciobanu toni and guy collage 11

doina ciobanu toni and guy-64

doina ciobanu toni and guy-65

doina ciobanu toni and guy collage 12

doina ciobanu toni and guy-75

doina ciobanu toni and guy-66

doina ciobanu toni and guy-70

Photography: Daniel Dykes

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  • Lovey Fleming

    Such perfect looks! I’ve been needing a curling iron and am totally looking into Tony & Guy!
    Thank you for sharing!

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  • Great post, love your hair!

  • You did such a great job with this post! I love the collages. That Realisation Par dress is number one on my wishlist at the moment. I must grab one! Beautiful. I always wonder how many hair products and styling tools other bloggers travel with!
    xx Jenelle