Ultimate Guide: travelling like a pro.


Travelling has become such a normal part of my life that whenever i hear a friend say “oh, i’ve got a 7h flight, i’m so emotional” i laugh and comfort them, saying I’ve had worst. But then I realize that for some people flying isn’t something as common, so it’s natural to either be scared or confused about how it works, therefore I’ve decided to make a post dedicated just to “the art of surviving long flights”.  Nothing fancy, I don’t fly first or business, so the advice will be applicable to the majority of you!

plane-tricks-small– rule no.1.

Wine, coffee and any other spirits are evil at 10 000m altitude. Forget about the perception that coffee keeps you awake or wine helps you sleep, on a long flight those are the last things you want, unless you enjoy being puffy, tired and jet lagged. Water and only water is your best friend on the plane. Drinking water will keep your body hydrated and boost your metabolism. So if you’ve got a long flight ahead of you, make sure to bring some water with you, like the 1L bottle from Fuji or Evian, the taste of which I absolutely enjoy (update after my latest flight: 2x 1L bottles) … Yes, prepare yourself, you’ll be running to the WC a lot. (this is where exit row on an A380 will be useful… unless of course you’re travelling business or first)


– beauty products.

Since the plane doesn’t really offer all the normal conditions for a proper face cleansing procedure, it’s super handy to have something that doesn’t require the use of water. I’m using the face cleansing pads from NIP and absolutely love them. They’re rich in vitamins and contain hyaluronic acid which really hydrates the skin. That way you can cleanse your face without even leaving your seat… And believe me you’ll need it (once you see the pads after you wipe your face you’ll understand why).

After that I’ll normally put on my eye cream against dark circles and puffiness. I have come to the conclusion that I won’t ever use a moisturiser on the plane, just because 1. I’m very paranoid about my hands touching my face (you avoid it with everything else, even the eye cream that comes with a special spatula) 2. I constantly use a 50ml Eau Thermale on the plane and having a moisturiser on makes your skin uncomfortably oily.

Whenever I travel I go for a very natural look, therefore 98% of the time you’ll see me with no makeup on. However, I still always carry a little pouch with my basic makeup that I might use before we land, just so that I look more fresh and good in photos haha. That will usually have my on-the-go liquid Lancome eyeliner (normally I prefer the brush and the gel liner, but that gets messy on the plane); my mini foundation from Clinique which I have just discovered and absolutely adore; my Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow kit and about 5 lipsticks… I’ll just include those below.


– the sleeping trio: melatonin, eye mask and sound blocking headphones. 

I know people who, as soon as they get on a plane, fall into the world of deep Alice in Wonderland dreams. Unfortunately I’m not one of them. I need sound and light blockers (is that even a sentence?).

– clothes.

First of all, forget sexy and feminine, unless you’re flying First Class, all you need to think about is feeling comfortable and not freezing your bum off. That is why warm clothes is the first MUST on a plane (yes, even those thick socks you hate, have them packed in your carry on); lose clothes is the second. And for girls, don’t forget to wear a very comfortable, non pushy or tight bra; you might laugh now, but after 7hours on the plane you’ll start scratching your back and pulling your bra from one side to another… Mmm, you know well how that happens #womenproblems. 

Also make sure you bring shoes that are normally a bit bigger. On the flight your feet will get swollen and once you try to put them back on… “Emm, did I accidentally steal some kid’s shoes??”

– bags.

Whenever I travel, be that a short flight or long one, I always need two bags: a normal size and mini one. It just makes my life so much more organised!

Bag No.1 The little bag is comfortable because you can always keep it next to yourself, even in the exit row, so you have permanent access to the things you have pre-planned ot put in it. On my most recent flight to Bali I travelled with the uber cute mini Peekaboo from Fendi, which has two compartments that help easily separate all the little things you carry. My small bag will always have my flight essentials:



Bag No.2  As I’ve previously mentioned, my second bag is a normal sized one, which will fit all the little things I might need (and might not) on the flight. This bag will normally go in the overhead compartment, and because it’s quite a pain to get to, make sure you don’t put things you know you’re going to need a lot. I’ll normally use it about 4 times on a long flight, perhaps taking out my headphones, book, face products, toothbrush, etc.


healthy snacks. Bananas, pre-cut mangos, pineapples, apples, carrots, etc are the best snack to prepare for the plane. For some reason, even though the world has clearly taken a path towards healthy eating, airlines still do it the “old way”: salty, faty, wheaty (even if you choose low calorie meal, you’ll still be disappointed). I just feel really bloated and uncomfortable from that, and once I arrive at my destination I can feel how my metabolism has been shaken by that (for some reason my body is very sensitive at 10 000m). That is why having some fruits/vegetables with you is a great way to keep your body working properly.

I think this is pretty much all I had for you. In case I remember something I promise to update you on that… maybe with a video? (i know, i’m so bad at that… new videos coming soon though!)

Hope this makes your next trip a lot nicer and easier.
D xx


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