Not Your Ordinary Editorial.


I was wearing a Three Floor Kix dress

What do you do when you have a tight little dress that you wouldn’t dare to wear outside because you’re a giant and the length is unexpectedly indecent (psss it’s also on sale here!). Well, you add a tripod, remote control and a LED light and that’s how you commence a self shooting. Oh sorry, I meant “a professional studio editorial”.  So many thanks to Three Floor for motivating  me, on a lonely night at home, to get my bum off my bed after a relaxing shower and try something new. A change is always good, don’t you find? Keeps you sane. And sometimes it might work out as something productive (to my model agent: Can we count these as tests perhaps??).

With this little home made post I wanted to congratulate Three Floor with the 3rd anniversary of the brand, and also I am overly excited to announce that I’m the face of the exclusive campaign of the brand (see it HERE). Go go, Three Floor, keep making those  sexy little dresses we love!! x

doina ciobanu studio portrait collage4

doina ciobanu studio portrait_-23

doina ciobanu studio portrait collage2

doina ciobanu studio portrait_-13

doina ciobanu studio portrait collage5

doina ciobanu studio portrait_-25

doina ciobanu studio portrait_-17

doina ciobanu studio portrait_-31

doina ciobanu studio portrait collage3

  • Love the color of this dress! It’s so pretty!

  • cami


  • Gorgeous dress

    Anoushka Probyn – A London Fashion Blog

  • Ana

    Congratulations on landing the campaign! You look stunning! I’ve got two very short dresses I bought on holiday in Miami- I can’t really wear them in London but my friend and I put them sometimes on when we hang out in the evening, and go “living room disco’!

  • Congrats on being the face of Three Floor! I love their dresses x

  • you are so beautiful!

  • u look gorgeous in pink! and your pics are so natural!

  • avera

    it’s a bit off a mess, like an american apparel campaign gone wrong but it stands out alright.

  • amazing dress!

  • Sim

    I find these photos interesting.