The xx- Shelter.


A fact about me that I’m pretty sure almost none of you knows, is that I used to sing when I was a small girl. By singing I mean concerts, albums, and all that stuff. Of course it was on a very local level, but that’s not the point. The reason I am telling you this is to explain to you my deep love towards music. Since I was a small child, it’s been with me everywhere, sad or happy moments, I would always go back to it. Music is like honey for soul, the ticket to the outer space into the world of desires.

I know that a lot of you share my love for music, and since my new blog is all about lifestyle and down-to-earth things like food, travels or daily life, why not add music as well? As that is one of the most normal things in every person’s life.

So what do you, guys, think of a “Song of the Week ” ? I can’t promise anything exclusive and unheard, but I would love to share with you the songs that I like and get inspired from.


  • do it do it do it!
    we’d love to hear them!
    and who knows maybe it become an inspiration to us also!

    Bisous from STYLE FEST

  • You’re soooo sweet!! I just love the idea, I can’t wait. I love the fact you was singer. I admire you too much, I will love to meet you. Big kisses from Venezuela <33

  • Love this song!!
    A ‘song of the week’ is a great idea!

    xx, A!

  • Bianca

    If you enjoy The XX you have to try and see them live. I’ve seen over 50 bands and singers in concert (including Paul McCartney), but The XX managed to make it to top 3 of live experiences I’ve had so far. So. Beautiful.

    I love this song, good choice!

  • Jimmy Yerg

    This a wonderful Idea. You have my support for “Song of the Week”
    Thank you for your Kindness.
    Also, think about sharing a song with you singing the song.

  • OMG, The XX! Now I know you have fantastic music taste. You MUST check out Birdy’s cover of this amazing song.

  • Alison

    song of the week sounds like a good idea a vid of you singing (now or when you were young) would be even better!

  • Deborah

    Love it!


  • I love the XX the are amazing!

    Hayley xx