The Pink Sunset



What can be more comfortable than wearing a hoodie, an oversized vest and a pair of large black pants on a Sunday?…. I guess only pajamas! I love wearing large clothes during the weekend, especially when I am not feeling well, and this time I had an awful intoxication. At least at the very end of the week I felt a bit better and went out to take some photographs. It is impressive how such a sporty look can be changed only by adding a pair of high platforms.

vest thanks to Romwe, COS hoodie, Zara pants, Theyskens’ Theory platforms 



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  1. Sasa V.   |     |   Reply

    Im loving the shoes…♥

  2. The Fancy Teacup   |     |   Reply

    The waistcoat and dual toned wedges are so ultra chic!

  3. Leira Zetroc   |     |   Reply

    Very sporty-chic! The rolled up cuffs resemble sweatpants, which you paired with a sweatshirt and an “athletic” vest. And yes, the wedges really bring the whole thing together. They definitely keep your outfit from looking too casual like you’re actually going to a gymThe Quiet Spaces

  4. Laura a.   |     |   Reply

    The shoes and jacket <3!

  5. Tanja van S -   |     |   Reply

    Very beautiful outfit – love the color combination with your high heels…JOIN MY NEW MAC-COSMETICS GIVEAWAYTanja – or via Bloglovin

  6. Emily   |     |   Reply

    Amazing outfit! I like your shoes:)

  7. Десислава Валентинова   |     |   Reply

    This pink vest is really cool :))Desislava

  8. Curly Sue   |     |   Reply

    the wedges are just awesome!

  9. Melissa Ochoa   |     |   Reply

    love the shoes Doina !!

  10. Melissa Ochoa   |     |   Reply

    Love the shoes Doina!

  11. The-Devil-Wears   |     |   Reply

    you have beautiful shoes :))

  12. Jaeger   |     |   Reply

    i adore those shoes!

  13. ada90   |     |   Reply

    Great look!Look what I have found:

  14. PEPA   |     |   Reply

    Gorgeous shoes sweetie!!! Love this look!!! <33

  15. lucia m   |     |   Reply

    perfect pink coat!http://www.aroundlucia.com

  16. Anonymous   |     |   Reply

    I was waiting to see something in sport style from you. Here it is and you still look elegant, i like it :)

  17. vintage process   |     |   Reply

    Great pictures!! I love it!!

  18. Margarida   |     |   Reply

    love it:)

  19. Arra Abella   |     |   Reply

    Love those shoes and pink coat!

  20. Corina Nika   |     |   Reply

    i just loooooooooove your pink vest!!

  21. Eda.   |     |   Reply

    Amazing blog, new follower – fabulous styleEda ♥

  22. Michelle Lee   |     |   Reply

    lovely heels!

  23. Cinja   |     |   Reply

    what a great pink vest!! aww

  24. Vicki   |     |   Reply

    oh wow, it looks really amazing! i’m totally in love with your shoes and jacket!!! xxx

  25. Anonymous   |     |   Reply

    Just found you on Lookbook. I LOVE your skirt and blog ♥

  26. Antonia-Ivana   |     |   Reply

    Still loving those wedges to pieces.

  27. Visceral Maze   |     |   Reply

    Those shoes are amazing. I always had a thing for wedges

  28. Kristine Vel   |     |   Reply

    Perfect out!simple and chic:)