The Magic of Reading.


“Girls are apt to imagine noble and enchanting and totally imaginary figures in their own
 minds; they have fanciful extravagant ideas about men, and sentiment, and life; and 
then they innocently endow somebody or other with all the perfections for their 
daydreams, and put their trust in him.” 
– Honore de Balzac, “A woman of thirty”

Sometimes I feel like the Internet has taken over my life, sometimes it is nothing more than boredom
 and fatigue. In those moments, everything I need is my relaxing playlist and a good book.
I mostly read books about history, myths and chronicles; ancient literature, philosophy, multiple cultures
and their traditions, and books about secret societies. As you can see, this selection isn’t very easy to read,
thus I should always be concentrated and mark every idea i find interesting with a neon yellow marker;
however, as much as I like this kind of literature, sometimes when I am depressed and stressed, a good novel 
with a Late Macchiato or Earl Grey Tea  is the best option. There are only a few authors in modern society
that I read and like, such as Chuck Palahniuk, Dan Brown and, as cliche as it might sound,
Paulo Coelho.  Great authors like Honore de Balza, Leo Tolstoy, Stendhal, Charles Dickens, Fyodor 
Dostoevsky, Jane Austen, Alexandre Dumas, Moliere and many others, for me are an all time 
selection. I especially enjoy reading the original, with the archaic words they used, written on an
old yellowish paper, with a hard cover.   
My sugesstion to you is to always have a book in your bag, because you never know when there is going
to be a gap in your time table, maybe in a cab, while waiting for someone at a cafe, or before the ballet starts
(as it happened to me last Saturday).

Dress thanks to In Love With Fashion
Tiffany&Co bracelet 

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  • I’m learning Russian because of Dostoïevsky, it’s one of my favourite author ever. You read your books also in the original language ? (That would mean you speak french !!!)Delphinehttp://bricetbroc.blogspot.comPS : Of course I love your dress, it looks fabulous on you. Your pillows are great too, love them !

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  • Oh Doina you look like a princess! And please, can you help me? My figure is quite similar like yours and I´ve wanted to buy this type of dress at the inlovewithfashion, but I´m not sure what size will be better for me (because of lenght). Can I ask you what size are these dresses? Thanks 🙂

  • yes you’re right is not healthy living “chained” by a computer…ehehei loved reading books too, especially for a fairy tales story and adventurer…like a story of eragon or twilight,chicken soup, etc…hope you enjoying your days doina, always…love, saphira

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  • The pictures are stunning. I started to read more again a little time ago but now I’m just about to move to a new city so that I hardly find time to read.


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  • Sunt total de acord cu tine.In plus fata de autorii pe care i-a scris as mai spus : Mark Twain,surorile Bronte ,Boccaccio,Rodica Ojog Brașoveanu,Agatha Christie si ar mai fi multi ..

  • This dress is wonderful! And you’re so pretty 🙂

  • Alea jacta est…Da,de mult vroiam sa iti scriu un comentariu ,dar ma bucur ca o fac abia acum, dupa ce am citit un interviu cu tine de pe un blog romanesc ,si sincer am ramas impresionata.Deja imi dadusei de gandit cand ai postat acest articol,prin simplu fapt ca promovezi si altceva si m-am mirat sa vad o carte de Balzac printre cele prezentate deoarece majoritatea celor care detin un blog probabil au citit doar harry poterr sau ceva asemanator ,pt care eu am un dispret total(urasc arta comerciala ,care de altfel nici nu se mai poate numi arta).In acest interviu am descoperit ca nu esti doar o papusa ,un fake ,ca nu esti interesata doar de fashion si de travel,ma bucur ca defapt esti altfel fata de majoritatea blogarilor.Am observat ca citesti acum un ciclu de carti (parca despre psihanaliza ,psihologie!?,nu mai stiu exact),dar in orice caz ti-au modelat mintea foarte frumos …care impreuna cu sufletul tau de asemenea frumos si iubitor de arta dau contur unei fiinte minunate ca tine.(de Freud am citit si eu ceva ,mai precis interpretarea viselor ..dar mai mult m-a atras titlul ..insa e interesanta teoria ce a prezentat-o el si chiar se potriveste destul de mult ,desi unii au contestat-o).Ma bucur ca iti place Bucurestiul eu sunt Indragostita de Lipscani ..insa stau in judetul Iasi imi doresc f mult acum sa vizitez Chisinaul (numai ca mi-a expirat pasaportul..iar cu buletinul nu pot).Abia astept sa trec Prutul sa pasesc pe acel pamant romanesc furat cu atata cruzime ( poate vei rade ..dar sunt un copil crescut intr-un spirit patriotic ,iar pt mine moldovenii sunt fratii mei sunt tot romani ).Si inca un lucru pe care il admir la tine e faptul ca stii cateva limbi straine si mi-am dat seama ca nu sunt singura care o consider pe mama prietena mea cea mai buna (stiu ca probabil mai sunt 1 mil de fete care gandesc ca mine si tine,dar imi place ca tu promovezi acest lucru).Sincer incet ,incet ai devenit un model pt mine …nu neaparat in materie de fashion (deoarece uneori nu sunt de acord cu unele combinatiile pe care le faci ..dar asta nu e treaba mea ..e alegerea ta si oberv ca sunt destui oameni care te apreciaza sincer m-am simtit putin jignita cand ai scris articolul acela “I WEAR WHAT I WANT” ..deobicei imi place ce porti dar ..stii tu uneori se intampla sa nu iti placa ceva ..dar intradevar sunt unele persoane rautacioase ..sau unele care doar ti-au atras atentia,eu nu am fost nici una din ele ,insa m-am suparat putin :)) ..ei mi-a trecut rog lasand la o parte aceste lucruri vrea sa inchei si sa iti dedic o melodie pe care probabil ai ascultat-o deja “vama veche-epilog” ,pt ca consider ca esti una din persoanele care cred ca lumea cu iubire va scapa .)Cu sinceritate,o micuta de 16 ani,care daca vrei sa o vezi la chip iti lasa adresa de fb: >:D<