The Embroidered Skirt.

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photos by Daniel Dykes 

When people ask me if in order to be “fashionable” you have to wear (only) expensive clothing i always say NO. Of course I think shoes, bags or coats are a really good investment, but don’t forget that style isn’t about luxury brands. It is someone’s ability to mix things, to make even a 5euro t-shirt look expensive. If speaking about affordable brands, my favorite one is Zara. Though I really love COS, I wouldn’t count it, because I don’t think 100euro sweaters are something every person can get. Back to Zara, they produce wonderful basic pieces like simple shirts and jumpers, jeans or one tone T-shirts. The good think about them is that you can’t say what is the brand, in comparison to the  obvious copies of Givenchy or Isabel Marant. 
This embroidered skirt is one of the very few “inspired things” I’ve bought. Honestly, it was my choice not because it looks like the pieces from Balmain autumn-winter 2012/2013 collection, but because I really liked it. It’s well done and the velvet is very thick.

What do you guys think about it? Do you ever buy inspired pieces from Zara?

I was wearing:
Zara sweater and skirt
Dolce and Gabbana coat 
Celine box bag
Jimmy Choo boots
  • BAG + SHOES <3 I'm not big fun of this skirt, but you still look good 😉

  • Amazing look 🙂

  • perfect skirt i really adore all skirts with embelishements 🙂 it’s so cool

  • totally agree. That’s what I always say to them as well! xx

  • like it!

  • Cristi


  • you look amazing dear xxhttp://www.pretpenser.com

  • I love the skirt, also thinking about buying it!

  • Evelina

    Ador eleganta ta!!!!

  • Hanna

    Love your style and skirt!

  • great skirt!xxMeelena

  • I agree with you, at the same time I think it is important to look for quality fabrics and make, otherwise things fall apart quickly. I shop at places like Zara but sometimes put things back on the rack if I don’t think they are well made….

  • amazingforeverTAKE A LOOK AT MY LAST OUTFIT

  • Your skirt is a real gem!

  • So pretty! Fab! Marta ANtolínez.

  • Fantastic pictures again – perfect styling… have a wonderful weekend…Vanessa –

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE YOUR OUTFITS MORE AND MORE EACH DAY Doina. And I do get what you’re talking about here. Obvious copies are a no-no to me! Moreover most of the times such clothes are just a temporary hype it-pieces what fade and will look ridiculous in a couple of seasons. I am happy to know you realize that but I also hope you chose quality over quantity and stray away from consumerist habits, huge wardrobes with 100 pairs of shoes are not something to be promoted in a world drowning in overproduction and exploitation of labor force.

  • so pretty!!

  • I love that skirt :)

  • Absolutely stunning! I really like your new haircut x

  • Natali

    Like you style very much!!!

  • All dark, but you are still shining. Great way to go!

  • you’re beautiful!mfashionfreak♥blog

  • No, without inspired clothes from Zara. But this one, really looks good and I wouldn`t say is a Balmain inspired piece. Is only a nice and well done one.

  • Such a beautiful outfit. I love your hair and the skirt is flawless♥

  • wow! so gorgeous!!! love your style!

  • You look amazing. The coat you’re wearing is just beautiful.xxhttp://WWW.STYLEOFPURITY.COM

  • Love the skirt. Awesome look. Cute bag too.

  • you look beautiful! that skirt is really pretty 🙂

  • you look great!xxhttp://www.pretpenser.com

  • Doina, what camera do you use;))

  • Doina, what camera do you use, tell pleeeese???;))))

  • Madalina

    Ador pozele tale si cand postezi mai rar astept cu nerabdare ce va urma.Multa inspiratie in continuare!!!

  • Zara is a pretty good brand…but it’s quality isn’t very good. But I agree that some clothes by Zara are very coolP/S wanna say hello and that ur blog is very inetesting.

  • so awesome i love your hair 🙂

  • on the first time the skirt looked like Balmain. i cant believe its Zara

  • you look perfect like always!

  • I am not a very big fan of Zara. I prefer Mango, H&M, New Look, Orsay. The clothes are cheaper. Why spend 100 eur on a Zara polyester dress if you can buy the same thing for less money from, let’s say, H&M?

  • Nice)