The Casual Red.



Red is a very beautiful and passionate color, which I have always found to be one of the best options for me as a brunette. Don’t get me wrong, I love blondes! But it’s very hard to find a blonde girl on which red wouldn’t look too bright and uncasual. This combination always reminds me of Marylin Monroe, which was all about sophistication! 
With brunettes it is totally different, because of the dark color of hair, eyebrows, eyes (even if they are blue or green, the eyelashes are dark as well), red looks more normal. That is why I love wearing this color on a daily basis. It just gives a more sensual twist to your look, whether or not you’ve got your heels. 
Well I admit, in this particular situation, the size of the jumpsuit (that covers aprx 80% of my body) does make the red look more suitable for an evening night-out. However, sometimes you just want to follow Carrie Bradshaw’s life-style, and look fabulous not only when the sun goes down, but also in the daylight! Ain’t I right, ladies? 
I was wearing:
Zara jumpsuit
Asos earrings
Yves Saint Laurent black suede tribtoo
  • looks awesome Doina <3GIVEAWAY on my blog: Join My GIVEAWAYand Check out my blog 🙂

  • Beautiful!Polly with lovefollow)

  • Love this suit is perfect on you :)

  • WOW! part III

  • the best outfit of the day. its incredible. you are incredible. the mono suits you ….wuuuu perfect!frannew

  • Diana

    Esti superba!Rosu te prinde excelent.

  • Amazing! Love the color, the shape everything in this mono! Suits you perfectly!xoxoJulia from

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  • You look great!

  • Mary

    You look really lovely in this outfit!

  • SM

    Looks so beautiful!

  • Beautiful!!!

  • Veronica

    Amazing outfit,you are so very beautiful!!

  • Veronica

    Amazing outfit,you are so very beautiful!!

  • stunning as always! <3love your shoes! <3

  • perfecta!

  • perfect!!!!!!!!!!!

  • you look so tall!xx,

  • Gina

    You look gorgeous!!

  • Red is really suits you. Love your hair and earrings. Followed)

  • hello doina! may i ask what camera and lens do you use? thanks!

  • Dear anonymous, I think you got me wrong! Blondes do look fabulous in red, did I argue that? No! It’s just that blondes in red look very Hollywood alike, I mean very evening/officially dressed, while on brunettes red looks more simple and casual 🙂

  • I LOOOVE this! you rock :)

  • Valy

    Wow,you look so pretty !!

  • You look absolutely gorgeous WOW WOW WOW,Sending you best wishes from Lithuania,Christie from

  • Such a stunning playsuit!

  • fabulous rich colour

  • lovely :)

  • You look absolutely fabulous in this jumpsuit! x

  • Anonymous

    Rosu te prinde foarte bine,dar si culorile inchisa te favorizeaza.

  • simple and pretty! you look awesome!

  • You look ah-mazing! That jumpsuit is so nice, red looks good on you <3 WITH LOVE,LINSEY / POSE-BLOG.COM

  • so true :)

  • I totally agree with you about Carrie lifestyle! To feel beautiful and chic is very important for every girl and if the clothes make us feel this way.. there’s nothing wrong in that!Also you look awesome in this red jumpsuit! I like brunettes more than the blondes, I’m one of them too ahahah :))Anyway, I’ll be glad to be as tall as you but, unfortunetly I’n not! :))Desislava

  • I really love this outfit… and I think the YSL shoes are the perfect match! Love it*

  • Amazing! I love the look and the Zara jumpsuit! <333

  • Great outfit,you look so so so beautiful in red!FASHION REVIEWFASHION REVIEWFASHION REVIEW

  • you look beautiful as always! I LOVE the shoes, the earings and the jumpsuit! I love red aswell i think it is a very bright colour and i think thats why i love it cause its such a bold standout kind of statement! 🙂 Hayley xx

  • omg! this is gorgeous! The color of the jumpsuit and the shoes! Great!!

  • ı loved that!check this!

  • Anonymous

    So feminine Love this look so much , Doina Kiss

  • oh, that jumpsuit looks adorable on you!beholder’s inn

  • OMG amazing outfit and it suits you very well!! Sparkle On The Floor

  • Red is beautiful and passionate color.And black high heel give you a charming look.Look very beautiful in this red dress.

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