The Art of gloves

Even if I love gloves, I usually do not wear them for a lot of reasons: they are quite uncomfortable when arranging or moving the hair; total “NO” when with a fresh manicure; if wearing a clutch or no bag at all, nowhere to leave them; and many other things… 
But the truth is, I usually find more disadvantages than advantages, so I can go on and on about how uncomfortable gloves are, but I can not possibly deny the fact that they keep my hands really warm, which is important considering that they are usually the part of my body that hurts the more when it is cold. 
Moreover, they are a very beautiful accessory, which gives that last twist to every outfit. 

Asos polo shirt, Ralph Lauren shirt, Giorgio Armani blazer, Massimo Dutti jeans, Lanvin shoes,
Burberry Prorsum gloves, Mango sunglasses

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  1. Irene Buffa   |     |   Reply

    u loo great today DOina:)

  2. Omrvinka   |     |   Reply

    lovely gloves :)and perfect outfit as always :)

  3. Anonymous   |     |   Reply

    Носи почаще, красивые перчатки. Хотя согласна, поправить причёску или ответить на мобильный бывает хмм pretty невозможно)Хорошо выглядишь, нравится. Начало весны радует!

  4. Gabriel Sima   |     |   Reply

    Oh I love this shoot! Lovely outfit!

  5. one girl, one blog   |     |   Reply

    Lovely outfit dear!Xoxo

  6. Vanity   |     |   Reply

    Beautiful look :)

  7. chocolatefashioncoffee   |     |   Reply

    amazing outfit!love your shoes :)

  8. Anahit   |     |   Reply

    просто красотка!!))

  9. Sam   |     |   Reply

    Classy! Love the rolled up jeans.

  10. Vicky   |     |   Reply

    You look so cute!The Golden Bun | new post | follow me

  11. JO   |     |   Reply

    You look so funny in the second picture! haha

  12. Michelle Lee   |     |   Reply

    amazing look!

  13. Hazardous Area   |     |   Reply

    Beautiful shape of the sunglasses!

  14. Lucía   |     |   Reply

    Love the oufit! The sunglasses really make it

  15. WearAbouts   |     |   Reply

    those are soooo cool! you look awesome. my fave thing is those strappy shoes though! :)RoryBe sure to enter my giveaway!!

  16. Style Servings   |     |   Reply

    What a chic addition to your look!

  17. Tanja van S -   |     |   Reply

    Looks absolutely gorgeous… the complete package is perfect…Join my new 190 US$ GIVEAWAY Tanja – or via Bloglovin

  18. The Fancy Teacup   |     |   Reply

    So ladylike and chic. x

  19. Andreea   |     |   Reply

    Superb outfit.La mine manusile sunt preferatele mele in sezonul rece <3.Mai ales cele gen moto <3.

  20. Closet Fashionista   |     |   Reply

    LOVE this outfit! Those gloves are so awesome :)

  21. Emily   |     |   Reply

    I love your outfit;)You’re beautiful;)

  22. Nikki @ The Ginger Diaries   |     |   Reply

    Such a cool and pretty look! I adore those puffed shoulders on the jacket :) xo Nikki

  23. Natalie Suarez   |     |   Reply

    super duper cute! love this :)

  24. Giedre   |     |   Reply

    perfect glows..xx,

  25. jenaly enns   |     |   Reply

    I love the shoes!!! and I love wearing gloves, but some things are annoying with them!!!

  26. FashionFreak/Mihaela   |     |   Reply

    That coat is amazing. new♥mfashionfreak

  27. Style Your Image   |     |   Reply

    Great shoes! x Petra

  28. Juna K.   |     |   Reply

    wonderful outfit :) I especially love your shoes :)xx,Juna

  29. Arra Abella   |     |   Reply

    I love the combination of blue stripes and red very

  30. lucia m   |     |   Reply

    i love your heels!http://www.aroundlucia.com

  31. Benedicte MAGEN   |     |   Reply

    love these gloves dear !!

  32. A   |     |   Reply

    you look so mature and chic!i love the second picture…you look like you had fun taking it :)the pop of color and the different layers in your outfit are phenomenal. great outfit as always!i love gloves too but am always finding reasons not to wear them…i’ll definitely have to try to work them into my winter wardrobe after seeing these pictures!

  33. coco   |     |   Reply

    minunat…superbe manusi !

  34. Nikki   |     |   Reply

    Absolutely stunning outfit! XX

  35. Alexandra   |     |   Reply

    Great outfit!xx Alexandra

  36. Peluniaa   |     |   Reply

    Great blog and nice outfit!!I glad if you visit my blog! :)

  37. Anonymous   |     |   Reply

    gorgeous ;)U look like Erica Dasher form Jane by Design ;*

  38. ola   |     |   Reply

    i love how you paired a mock neck with an oxford shirt – looks so good and i bet it keeps you warm! :) maybe if you have some time, you’d like to see my blog. :) xxOla

  39. FASHIONFED   |     |   Reply

    I love accessories that compliment your outfit so well, even when they are a bit uncomfortable or useless to wear!!!

  40. Agnes Setiawan   |     |   Reply

    you’ve got a fab gloves, mix and match the geek style and the gloves you wore such a great idea

  41. Born on heels   |     |   Reply

    wow Iove everything in this outfit and especially the gloves!I have a fashion blog and it’s gonna be bigger and bigger so maybe you’ll check mine out!

  42. kids flip flops   |     |   Reply

    I love the outfit. It looks cool and comfortable.

  43. SabinaP   |     |   Reply

    Hihi! I got the same RL shirt! Your styling is wonderful :) S.

  44. Republik Hijab - Inspirasi Hijab Fashion Indonesia   |     |   Reply

    love your whole look darl!

    Republik Hijab,
    Inspirasi Hijab Fashion Indonesia