The Andaman Sea. Part 1.

Andaman Sea
Have you ever seen “James Bond. The man with the golden gun” with handome Roger Moore? or maybe “The Beach” with Leo DiCaprio? If yes, you might recall seeing all these places… If you’ve got no idea what i was just talking about, I will just tell you that these movies where filmed in the Andaman Sea, on the heavenly beautiful and peaceful islands.IMG_4581thaiandamansea

The first island that we visited was Phang Nga Bay, or the so called James Bond island. It is not only known for the scene in the famous movie, but also for the big sea gypsy market. You can find hundreds of hand-made jewellery and interesting souvenirs. 

P.S. The gypsies usually have all the piece 7x overpriced. You have to give them your price, a vey low one, and start negotiating. Believe me, the actual price is a lot lower!! For ex. the first price of the necklace i really liked was 1200 baht (40$) and i got it with 200 baht (6$). If they still don’t wanna get the price down, just say “No, thank then, i will look somewhere else” and turn away… They will come after you in 4seconds agreeing with the price you wanted!!IMG_4627thaiandamansea

IMG_4836thaiandamanseaThe Hong Island was our second stop. Definitely my favorite island!!! I admit there are islands more beautiful than this one, but, very few people visit it, so you always have the sandy empty beach. I love privacy when I am relaxing, so if you prefer the same thing i do, the Hong Island is definitely for you!!


On the second day, we visited the very famous Phi Phi Archipelago. See all the other photos in the next post.

Have a wonderful day!

  • Oh my, these photos are breathtaking! I really want to visit Thailand now xx

  • Ce poze frumoase, vacanta placuta in continuarea

  • Cat e de frumos! Chiar ca numai in filme vezi asa ceva.Esti asa norocoasa Doina! 🙂

  • Phantastic photos again – it is sooo great to see the beauty of Thailand again… thanks for sharing… (and you look great too)New giveaways: –> Win a pair of CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN shoes <--Van –

  • Amazing place. It’s Paradise! <3

  • i really love your picsfranNEW LOOK IN THE BLOG: ROCK ON

  • magazine shots ))

  • Your vacation looks so amazing! Your pictures have definitely brought me into a holiday mood… Excited to see the rest of your journey! xoxoMelanie

  • super nice!xx

  • Doina this place is probably the most beautiful I’ve ever seen!! Enjoy it, must be amazing and incredible xoxo

  • wow! this post is so amazing!!! very beautiful pics – looks like a heaven!!!

  • Absolute paradise!


  • Anonymous

    🙂 foarte frumos!! Intr-adevar esti norocoasa.. putini din Moldova ajung in asa locuri indepartate.. si eu am vizitat Thailanda doar ca am facut-o independent de parinti, prin propria munca (plecand la olimpiada).trebuie sa apreciezi dar si sa intelegi ca nu poate continua mereu.. parintii dau un imbold, restul trebuie sa faci inveti, sa obtii o profesie care s-o iubesti si apoi o vacanta binemeritata din banii proprii…crede-ma e cea mai dulce! :)(stiu ca nu-i corect sa educ, scuze )) e doar un mic comentariudar pozele sunt superbe, intr-adevar! paradis terestru..

  • wonderful place and amazing pictures, you make me wanna go there right now!

  • gorgeous photos

  • come visit Indonesia! I just got back from belitung island, it has so many beautiful beaches.

  • gorgeous photos and place! You look stunning aswell 🙂 i want to visit places like that Hayley xx

  • So beautiful !!!!FASHION FRIENDS DIARY

  • beautiful pics!!!kiss!!Freaky FridayFreaky Friday Facebook Fan Page

  • love the pictures! you look great!!

  • beautiful

  • The water looks so beautiful!!What an amazing trip!xoKrystal

  • Anonymous

    Such a beautiful place . You look so cute as always. Have fun in holiday 🙂

  • Anonymous

    i must go in thailand too. i love every single photo. congrats!what lents do you use?

  • I really really really want to go there now. What made you decide to go? what kind of camera do you use?Photos are fantastic!-Aria x

  • Woww! THis place looks gorgeous! I really like all of these nature photos! You look pretty in every way!xxhttp://WWW.CATWALKTOCASUAL.BLOGSPOT.COM

  • Nice pic <3Gorgeous! Marta Antolínez.

  • You were in paradise!

  • Anonymous

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  • Isa

    I’m so glad you are enjoying Thailand! Phuket is truly beautiful. I’m always haunted by the memory of the tsunami, though.

  • love the photos :)Irene Wibowo

  • saf

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  • saf

    heyy, your pics are amazing !! i really wanna go there. so insipiring.i have a travel blog, maybe you can take a look :)

  • Fără cuvinte. Totul e un vis.

  • Привет ! Я тоже отдыхала в Тайланде и видела тебя в одном кафе ! Постеснялась подойти 🙂

  • Always wanted to site those Islands but I think it’s my bad luck or something the trip gets cancelled for some reason.

  • whatever

    By saying ‘gypsies’ you mean the Thai people? … very nice of you, very nice 😉

  • Doina Ciobanu

    Haha, of course not. It’s how the Thai people call them. Those are nomad people who always travel 🙂