Thanks Earth, for the weather!.




Bought these Prada sandals about half a year ago, but had the chance to wear them only now. It always amazes me how impressively comfortable for us the Earth is. If you want you choose to spend your New Year with snow, rain, sun or even desert, the world has it all for us. While in Europe (especially the Eastern part) it is getting colder and colder every single day, in Thailand the weather is more than perfect!! 
I was wearing:
Prada sandals
Givenchy + Tiffany&Co + handmade bracelets from Thailand
  • You look so so gorgeous and chic! The dress loks great on you! Thailand looks like fun!

  • Absolutely beautiful. x

  • You look absolutely fantastic Doina!The dress you’re wearing is very lovely. Its simplicity and muted coloring makes it perfect for pairing with those funky leopard wedges you’re wearing. Aside from that, the lack of embellishment in your dress pairs really well with all the vivid beauty surrounding you in Thailand. There’s so much tropical loveliness around you, from the trees to the glistening blue-green waters to the lovely sunny day.It seems like Thailand is treating you very well. I hope you’re enjoying your time there and have gotten plenty of well-deserved and well-needed rest! <3~AliceAinfinitaire

  • minunate sandale !

  • beautiful

  • you look gorgeaus! that´s true, you are very lucky to be in Thailand now. In the Czech Republic it started snowing on Friday and now there are some centimetres of snow :/ enjoy!! 🙂

  • Oh, these pictures are so beautiful. It’s getting colder here aswell and I love the idea how we can choose the weather for ourselves. Seems like you picked a good one. Your outfit is really lovely. That pink tone really suits you and those shoes are amazing! You remind me Nina Dobrev in these pictures.

  • The dress is perfect! :)It’s always summer here in the tropics, like Thailand and my country, Philippines.You should visit Philippines if you have time, we have lots of beautiful and not expensive beaches here! :)Love,Ericka of

  • you look stylish and food look tasty! =)xoxoStacy

  • Yay! Love your outfit! And the light in the photos makes it even fresher!You have so much chance to have a bit of hot weather before the winter! Here in Switzerland it’s super cold and we woke up with an all white snowy landscape!xoxoJulia from

  • Eşti foarte norocoasă, Doina.

  • Tailand … So jealous -.-‘I love your Audrey sunnies sweetie <3

  • i love the simplicity and the elegance of this lookfran

  • So beautiful pictures – Thailand is such a beautiful place on earth… love the country and the super-friendly people… <3New giveaway: –> Win a pair of CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN shoes <--Vanessa –

  • Amanda

    I love your style!!!Beautiful Doina!

  • lovely wedges ^^

  • The outfit is so chic!

  • Great shoes! I bet they are comfy too:D I love this simple resort look!

  • Carin

    Beautiful Doina!!beautiful dress and shoes.

  • love your dress! you look super pretty! enjoy the sun 😀

  • look amazing

  • That breakfast looks to die for – and I adore your shoes!

  • The breakfast looks very delicious and healthy! I love it that way! You’re always looking very feminine and chic, i think that is definetly something special about you. You’re gorgeous!http://WWW.CATWALKTOCASUA.BLOGSPOT.COM

  • Wow dear you look stunning…love your shoes!FASHION REVIEWFASHION REVIEWFASHION REVIEW

  • Amazing photos, love your wedges xx

  • Such beautiful sandals! x

  • looks fantastic! 🙂 gorgeous outfit! those sandlas are gorgeous aswell 🙂 so want to visit Thailand Hayley xx

  • this food look all super yummy! great dress girl!xxhttp://www.pretpenser.com

  • Elena

    Esti superba si rafinata!!

  • love <3

  • just perfect!

  • so cool pics with breakfast!

  • You look amazing! The dress is lovely ♥


  • On this side of the planet it«s raining.. ehehhe :)Lucky you! Enjoy that perfect weather :)Kiss,sara

  • Gorgeous dress! Amazing pics ;) Marta Antolínez.

  • That’s pretty odd, but last night I had a dream about you. You were launching your collection and I was the one helping with organizing stuff. I know, I’m silly. :))Ontopic: Your outfits are always so neat & pretty! Hi! I’m an editor @

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  • Hei. You are so cool . I recomand you the best handmade accessories