Thailand. Part I.


After a 10h flight Kiev-Bangkok and 1h Bangkok- Phuket, we are finally at our beautiful Angsana Laguna Phuket hotel. I am a big fan of history and anthropology, so it’s not surprising that I have a very “To Visit” list… it actually includes all the continents, countries, places of historical importance or vice versa, unpopulated 3km wide islands… I even desperately want to visit Antarctica, but that’s a totally different topic, today I want to share with you my   first impressions from Thailand!

Before we got here, I had been telling my mom how much I wanted national Thai clothes, over and over again. As we’re in a resort zone in Phuket called Laguna, it’s basically impossible to find a big local market with fruits, fried insects (yes, i am actually thinking about trying one of those!! ) and of course hand-made clothes and jewellery. So until we get to Bangkok, I decided to try the small beach shops, which I KNOW are overpriced, but the “high price” is cheap anyways!! I payed 30$ for the silk top and pants… The quality is really great and the suit is super comfy!!


What a smart use of the soda cans!!


The same evening the photos were taken, we went to visit the biggest Thai cultural theme park- Fantasea. It perfectly presents the culture and traditions of Thailand. The park is an amazing place for both kids and adults, with lots of souvenir shops, interesting zoo points, a big restaurant and of course, the most important and beautiful part- The Palace of the Elephants. That is a pre-Sukhothai inspired theatre with the capacity of aprx. 3000 seats (that’s a lot of people!!). The show is fantastic, with talented dancers, actors and of course, animals!! Imagine gigantuous elephants walking between the rows, 1m away from you. 
The only bad thing is that all he electronic devices are prohibited!!  
Can you imagine how frustrated I felt, couldn’t even take Iphone photos, nothing at all!! Found a short video for you, guys, to have take a look at the show. If you ever go to Thailand, take this place in mind and don’t forget to visit it!

Good to know:

– the Adult show ticket is 1500 baht (around 40€- 45$). However, it’s better to buy the Show+buffet+hotel transit, which is going to cost you around 2200 baht (around 50€- 60$) and that’s rationally cheap! Only taxi is gonna cost you around 30$ if you take it separately, so my advice for you is to choose the “all inclusive” ticket

– I am not a law-breaker or anything, but, if you’re told to leave your technical devices at the deposit, try your luck and just hide it in your bag. There is not gonna be another electronic control. And it’s not because of the photos, even if I felt really stupid when a lot of people were secretly taking photos on their phones.. it’s more from security concerns! I had my camera, 2 lenses, phone, ipad… I was sitting there the whole show worried about my belongings, so my advice for you is to try and take in your devices. If you’re caught, just turn 20m back and leave them at the Camera Deposit. 

– Make sure you visit the “Tiger Jungle Adventure”! I am telling this to you, because at first it seems just a souvenir shop right at the beginning of the park, but if you go to the end of the store, you can discover a small hidden zoo of white animals. There are white snakes, parrots, mice and tiger. Really beautiful!

– The souvenirs are pretty expensive compared to local shops, so try to keep yourself from shopping. Of course if you like something really much, buy it, but the elephants sold at the Park are everywhere in Phuket, 2-3 times cheaper. Just keep that in mind 😉

I was wearing: 

thai top and pants, found at a local market
handmade bracelets

I think that’s all I can say to you for now.
Hope it was or will be helpful to you!
kisses x

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  • Thailand looks super fabulous! From what I’ve heard, it’s a very fascinating country, full of exotic goodness, yummy foods, and lovely sights to see.I’m glad that I get this chance to travel there vicariously through you :)The native Thai clothing that you’re wearing really looks fabulous on you. I love the pairing of the bright red with the understated black. This combination creates such an elegant mood to these photos!I also really like the way you put your hair up in a high bun. That draws all attention toward the pretty collar of your gorgeous top.I hope you’re having a fabulous time in Thailand, Doina! <3~AliceAinfinitaire

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