TGD x GAP. Part II.

Phuket, Thailand

  GAP Lily Oxford shoes / white lace dress from a local shop in London / Celine sunglasses / Isabel Marant shopping bag 

       I once read a book called “Chicken Soup for the Soul” and I still remember one story. The story was about how one single person can make thousands happier. You’re probably thinking what a nonsense this is, because in theory, one can not talk to thousands of people, moreover make them happy in only 17hours. I wouldn’t doubt that, but it’s not quite the way it is done. The secret is that  it is enough for one person to smile, be kind and wish a beautiful day to everyone he interacts with, to improve the mood for half the city. Let’s suppose you get in a taxi early in the morning. The driver is, of course grumpy and unpleased, and he can be understood. Who likes waking up for work early in the morning? Imagine you’re nice and kind to him, and say a simple “Thank you and have a lovely day!” at the end, his mood will instinctively change. Let’s suppose this is NY. How many people use the taxi in NY? Now if that single driver will be pleased and nice to everyone he meets that day, imagine the mood of how many people will change?

I know you’re busy, we all are, and the idea of monitoring your mood and behaviour scares you, but it is not that hard. We are the creators of our own happiness, of everyone’s around us. Start from your family and close people, just be nice, at least this December, before holidays. Make it your goal to bring up at least one person a day!

Now about my look, which is the second part of my festive collaboration with GAP, for their Global Campaign, Styldby. I got my GAP Lily Oxford shoes in London, before leaving for Thailand, and wasn’t sure whether I’d be able to wear them or not soon. However, they turned out to be the perfect walking shoes for my tropical trip. For a walk to a fruit market in Khok Kloi, I decided to just wear the pastel Oxfords with a simple white lace dress. When I got back to Aleenta Phuket (booked through my new favorite hotel website The Luxe Nomad) I washed all the fruits and sat down to write Christmas postcards for family and friends.








2   gapshoes-10    gapshoes-16

gapshoes-17    1


gapshoes-24   gapshoes-27



Photos: Fashionising

  • Wow this dress looks marvelous.

    xx Mira

  • nice dress !!!

  • Nice campaign! Good message!

  • that dress and you shoes, and the photos in general! love it all, Doina! You look so pretty and bright here!

  • you are lookin so gorgeous in this dress. <3

  • Love these photos!

  • frumoase poze!

  • love your dress and sunglasses!

  • gorgeous outfit! That dress is super stunning! Goes really well with those shoes as well 🙂

    Hayley xx

  • I love this simple but chic look! Great shoes!
    Hugs from Germany, Tessa

  • great message – you look great as well.

  • Esti un adevarat model de urmat Doina! poti sa inveti atitea de la tine 🙂
    Ma mindresc ca esti moldovanca! xx

  • Amazing dress! You are so wonderful!

  • This outfit is so perfect x

  • posturile tale sunt asa firesti, Doina. 🙂 just like happiness.