A once in a lifetime experience.

Alicante, Spain

Most of you might have already listened to Emma Watson’s (already) famous UN speach, the one where she gives a different definition to sex equality. Emma talks about the difficulties women are facing today, in a world where the term “feminist” is so badly seen. A world where a woman who talks about her rights is considered agressive, man-hating; a world where a man showing his feelings is taken as being weak and over-sensitive. But a world that we can change, if we all learn to support and encourage each other.

I was a witness to one of those changes, one of those moments that make you believe in change, that are worth sharing with the others. My dear readers, I am happy to introduce you to Team SCA, the first female team participating in the Volvo Ocean Race since 2002.

Taking themselves to the extremes, crossing the boundaries of stereotypes, the 14 female members of the crew are a true inspiration to both men and women. I wish them good luck and all the best thoughts while sailing out in the open ocean.

I wanted to thank Team SCA for such an amazing experience in one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, Alicante.

Alicante with team SCA-2

Alicante with team SCA-8

Alicante with team SCA-19

Alicante with team SCA-37

Alicante with team SCA-23

Alicante with team SCA-29

Alicante with team SCA-36

Alicante with team SCA-18

Alicante with team SCA-17

Alicante with team SCA-9

Alicante with team SCA-25

Alicante with team SCA-11


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