London Sophistication by Tamara Mellon.

London, England

Wearing: shoes – Tamara Mellon Scandal sandals / shirt – Tamara Mellon Peasant blouse / skirt – Tamara Mellon Suede Fringe / Saint Laurent bag

As a new Londoner, I’m still in the process of adjustment, every day being a new “style” challenge for me, due to the unstable weather. I’ve learned that it’s smart to grab a jacket before you leave the house in the evening; to wear shoes that you’re fine getting damaged; and to avoid suede at all costs. As I said, it is smart, but that doesn’t mean I do it. However, after spending a while in the city, getting to know the people, their attitude, easiness, I’ve come to the conclusion that all of that doesn’t really matter. Sandals, skirts, silk, everything that makes me feel beautiful you’ll see me wearing, no matter the weather, and that’s because enjoying yourself sometimes means running in the rain wearing sandals.

Following that new life rule of mine, I’ve created an outfit that reflects my vision of the “London Sophisticate”, to celebrate the opening of Tamara Mellon’s Online Store in the UK.  The former President and Co-Founder of Jimmy Choo is the new uber-cool designer to know and wear. As chic as they look, all the pieces are created in a timeless design, making them the perfect fashion investment. A pair of absolutely stunning sandals, matched with a stylish fringe skirt, and a modern leopard blouse; yes, I can definitely see myself rocking this outfit at the coolest parties in town!

Also, to celebrate  the opening of the online store, Tamara Mellon is offering 15% off for The Golden Diamonds readers. How exciting! So if you fancy any of these items, head to the website, choose your favourite piece and use the code TMGD15 in order to get a discount. 

doina ciobanu tamara mellon-40

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doina ciobanu tamara mellon-26

doina ciobanu tamara mellon-10

doina ciobanu tamara mellon shoes

doina ciobanu tamara mellon-17

doina ciobanu tamara mellon-39     doina ciobanu tamara mellon collage3

doina ciobanu tamara mellon-7

doina ciobanu tamara mellon-31

doina ciobanu tamara mellon

doina ciobanu tamara mellon collage2


Photos: Daniel Dykes

  • Wow cool and sexy. Love everything about this look.

    xx Mira

  • beautiful skirt!

  • stunning!!

  • stunning!

  • Lucia

    Arati nemaipomenit!! Ador fusta!!

  • Gorgeous heels and skirt!

  • nat

    amazing outfit!
    love your skirt and shoes

  • Now this is a skirt I must have!! Stunning 😀

  • Jane

    This is gorgeous,love your skirt and shoes!!

  • love that bag 🙂

  • Thia Padilla

    I’m in love with the shoes, the skirt and the shirt! That’s perfection!
    Thanks gorgeous for your posts!

  • Love the leopard print blouse, such a stunning look

  • fantastic!

  • Юлия

    Шикарная-первое что пришло на ум.Просто класс!!

  • Claudia

    Perfect! I like this outfit very much!!

  • beautiful style! Love it

  • In love with shoes and bag xx *__*

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  • Fun, fresh, flirty, & fringed. :] // ☼

  • very sweet, sexy and chic! love the shirt and shoes! 🙂

  • What an amazing look! My fav is your skirt and your shoes <3


  • COOL DRESS!!!!!

  • Perfect skirt!!!

  • You look gorgeous, I really love that fringed skirt!

    xx Alex

  • Cecilia

    You skirt looks fabulous!So stunning!xx

  • Alexandre

    Awesome skirt and sandals!!That’s perfection.

  • vous êtes incroyable!!!

  • Are those shoes comfortable? Cool look