T-shirt Love.


(Doll Memories T-shirt, Yasya Minochkina skirt, Christian Louboutin shoes)

        T-shirts are one of the most comfortable and useful clothing pieces. Unfortunately, today almost all the Tees are the same, everyone wearing the mainstream YSL (authentic or fake, doesn’t matter), or the so called Fake Chanel with the double 5 on them, animal printed and many others. Imagine how cool it would be to get them personalized? The thought that you’re wearing something unique makes you a lot more confident and special, doesn’t it?

If you are as excited as I am about something unusual, here is good news for you! A very talented illustrator from my hometown, Ira Comleva, started working with a clothing company, producing T-shirts with her cute drawings. The best thing is that Ira is so passionate about it that she can work for hours to get you the illustration you want! How cool is that, huh? I am definitely rocking my Doll Memories tee this summer.



  • you look sooo cute 🙂 love especially the skirt <3

  • so cute !!! 🙂

  • such a pretty look, the shirt is fantastic!!


  • Funny pictures !! I love the skirt !!

    I checked out Ira’s website, her illustrations are really good !!


  • Ella

    Superba si frumoasa!!!

  • Alexa


  • karen

    Windy day? You look so cute

    x karen

  • beautiful skirt and such fun pictures!

  • Lovely! Who knew a simple tee could look so good!

  • wow suuupeeer coool!;)

  • You look beautiful Doina! I really love the skirt, it looks so good on you.


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  • Deborah

    So so beautiful!


  • Looking wonderful! Love the colours!

  • Woww, nic skirt <3
    by Marta Antolínez.

  • amazing outfit 🙂 so pretty

  • Amazing!!! You are pretty!! Love the skirt <3

  • These pics are so cute! Love the look! xo

    Would love if you checked out my fashion blog as well:

  • So much fun!!