Wear your jumper differently….




I’ll be honest with you, we photographed this outfit quite a while, the morning after I wore it to the NYX cosmetics launch in the UK. It got such good feedback at the event that I couldn’t miss the chance of sharing an outfit that other people encouraged me to.

The whole outfit is from Fendi (yes, I’m lazy sometimes), except the sunglasses, and as much as I loved it in the Lookbook, when putting it on for the event I just didn’t feel like it was the right thing to wear for a night out. So I started playing around. First pants under the skirt; then jumper around my waist; sweater knotted diagonally; to finally get to the version i liked the most. Obviously this particular version doesn’t work for winter, but I am already looking forward to recreating this outfit with some layering for cold weather…

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doina ciobanu fendi jumper knot trend-8

doina ciobanu fendi jumper knot trend-17

doina ciobanu fendi jumper knot trend-24

doina ciobanu fendi jumper knot trend-11

doina ciobanu fendi jumper knot trend collage 3

doina ciobanu fendi jumper knot trend-12

doina ciobanu fendi jumper knot trend-23

doina ciobanu fendi jumper knot trend collage2

doina ciobanu fendi jumper knot trend-21

doina ciobanu fendi jumper knot trend-18

Then we rushed for a late breakfast at the Counter, right next to the Vauxhall station. It’s definitely one of my favourite places to eat in the morning, it’s got the best Flat white I’ve had in London, poached eggs and granola with yoghurt are super good. The only downside is the lack of natural light inside, therefore I never get the chance to take any food photos (i tried this time and it kind of worked after intense post processing). However, they did install for a very short period of time some photogenic marble tables outside, which work perfectly for coffee photos!


doina ciobanu fendi jumper knot trend-3

doina ciobanu fendi jumper knot trend collage

doina ciobanu fendi jumper knot trend-4

doina ciobanu fendi jumper knot trend-10


Photos: Daniel Dykes / Doina Ciobanu

  • Deborah

    Love your style,this look is perfect!


  • viktoria

    so stunning!


  • olia

    absolutely amazing!!!


  • Lovey Fleming

    I swear only you can pull this off! Incredible originality~



  • The Fashion Panda

    You look gorgeous !


  • dramakween911

    so cute!! 😍😍😍

  • It just keeps surprising me how creative you are when it comes down to styling! I guess it happens when you really start believing in yourself and feel at ease with yourself.


  • You look beautiful. I’ve also tried this jumper/scarf thing.


  • Very creative, you & Daniel make a wonderful creative pair!



  • Michèle

    looking just damn cool in this outfit


  • waw. so gorgeous!!


  • Alexandra

    This looks absolutely gorgeus! Unfortunately it doesn’t suit my bodyshape 🙁
    Alexandra ~ ArtMandy.ro
    Alexandra ~ ArtMandy.ro

  • Selmic

    A pretty cool reinterpretation that highlights you.