Pastels and sparkles.

London, England

I was wearing: all jewellery by Swarovski / Prada top / Zara skirt / Christian Dior shoes

To many of you my life might seem an easy one lived in the surroundings of inspiring people, beautiful clothes and new destinations a few times a month. Not many of you know or realise that every 3months I head back home to rush through the hundreds of pages of History and International Affairs content for my university exams. And when there are 7 exams ahead of me, and 5 of them require the knowledge of pretty much everything from Han Dynasty to the American Civil war; and other 2 imply the analyse of the influence of ethics in the International relationships, as well as knowing the individualities of the political systems of the most influential states in the world, or the evolvement of the political philosophy; I think why in the world did I choose this degree? But then i remember I’m actually lucky because it’s something I do love and have read so much about, so sometimes the learning is more of a “Oh, i know that! Oh what I read explains this! Ah, I see where Marx got his ideas from!”. Which isn’t too bad.

Knowing my life would be like that for a week I left London with only 19kg of luggage and not much to wear. However, in that half empty suitcase, what you will find in excessive quantity are my new Swarovski. I’ve never found educational institutions appropriate for jewellery, but not wearing any accessories is quite boring too, so that explains my overly satisfied smile when i stumbled upon these pieces. They’re just the perfect jewellery. With a recommended retail price of £49 for the single wrap and £69 for the double wrap bracelet, the Stardust collection is perfect for a busy young woman. I love the fact that the pieces can be worn in so many different ways. You can stack them, layer, or turn a double bracelet you’ve been wearing during the day into a necklace, and voila, you’re ready for the evening! Why I find them appropriate for uni is that it’s a young and fun collection, the iconic crystals are covered with a colourful web, which compliments the sparkle and makes the colour really pop.

I’ll get back to studying now, and don’t judge me if you see my wrist covered in sparkling colours again at exams today…

swarovski doina ciobanu _-4

swarovski doina ciobanu _-7

swarovski doina ciobanu _-3

swarovski doina ciobanu _-13

swarovski doina ciobanu _-29

swarovski doina ciobanu _-17

swarovski doina ciobanu _

doina ciobanu swarovski

swarovski doina ciobanu _-6


Photos: Daniel Dykes

  • Gorgeous 🙂

  • you look wonderful! I love this outfit on you

  • How lovely!

  • Lovely look!

  • Such elegance! I love the whole outfit, you look like a classic British girl!

    Good job Doina!


  • Alexandra

    Esti superba ! Si atat de frumoasa este tinuta si lejera! Perfecta pentru shopping 😉

  • Sim

    Simply and pretty! 🙂

  • Lovely!

  • They look pretty cool indeed!

  • Alexandra

    You are so beautiful and i really love this jewelry!

  • Joanna

    Doina! You are so stunning! I am absolutely in love with you <3

  • gina

    I love that you make school and blogging happen at the same time, and that the quality of your blog isn’t affected by your schoolwork! not just a pretty face x

  • Anonymous

    Love your classic style!

  • amazing!

  • Oh wow! I knew you were keeping up your studies but that sounds soo demanding! Good luck and well done for juggling a ton of different things so well xx

  • Lovely elegant look! Beautiful natural makeup! 😀



  • You are so chic in these beautiful pics!

  • love those bracelets
    good luck with studying/exams!

  • Eni

    Beautiful photos. Love your midi skirt and that bag.
    Have a nice day,