Summer stripes.


Ask an older man that has nothing to do with fashion what comes to his mind when hearing “stripes” and he’s answer will be:

“Pirates!… or jail suits, maybe??”

Ask someone who likes getting dressed about the same topic and his/her reaction will be:

“Oh, stripes, love them, definitely a trend!”

In the second case, the person wouldn’t be wrong calling stripes “a trend”, as nowadays men and women from all over the world wear this print.
I can remember some photos in black and white of Coco Chanel and Audrey Hepburn wearing bold striped long sleeves T-shirts… God, and they did look beautiful! They can be considered as one of the originals of this trend, before it hit the streets a few seasons ago, when suddenly everybody wanted to wear “marine” clothes.
Later, fashion houses made special collections for sea walks, offering women the possibility to wear a long chiffon striped dresses and look charming. In 2011, several fashion houses revived this trend by creating entire “sea collections”. Their success forced designers to keep stripes on the podium.

This season is no different. In their 2013 Spring-Summer collections, designers offer us  lots of stripes . They may be different, from “thin as a spaghetti” to very bold. What about the colors?? Well, there is also a huge variety for everyone here. As fashion recreates the old trends, adding a fresh air to the clothing, stripes have gone from black and white to green, red, blue and dark blue.


Stripes don’t necessarily have to be horizontal, they can also be zig-zag, vertical or diagonal. It is very important for each girl to understand which one of them will flatter her silhouette the best.

    e.g. if you are not very tall, the vertical stripes will make you look taller and thiner. If you have narrow hips or shoulders, horizontal stripes can add additional volume in the places you need, etc.

Designers and stylists suggest that we can mix narrow stripes with the wide ones, horizontal with vertical and look very stylish, with no rules applied. Anyway you shall not overplay with it.

Firstly, i want to talk about daily summer dresses. Girls, please forget about the knitted or jersey dresses in horizontal stripes! They don’t flatter your body, so just avoid them. You have way better alternatives and I’ll help you with that!
Dolce&Gabanna spring-summer 2013 RTW
Tommy Hilfiger spring-summer 2013 RTW

This summer a mini chiffon dress (easily see trough) in blue zebra would be the best choice! You can team it up with high heels in suede or flat sandals. Style up with a viscose hat or a silk scarf. And no bracelets allowed. Just earrings!

As for the pants this season Balmain, Acne and Celine encourage girls to wear them confidently. Olivier Rousteing offers to wear loose chiffon trousers with a high waist and wide vertical stripes, in order to make you legs look limitless. He combines them with wide shouldered jackets, which is a very warm “Hiii!”  from the 80s.

Our choice:

Motel RoxyStriped Skinny Jeans
Balmain Striped Jeans
Warehouse Bold Stripe Jeans
Acne Striped Jeans

Balmain Spring-Summer 2013 RTW
Acne also keeps the shoulders, but instead comes up with tight pants in thin stripes and easily flared to the bottom. I think this is an option for girls below 25.

Acne Spring-Summer 2013 RTW
Celine Spring-summer 2013 RTW

The only thing i can say about skirts is – wear Chiffon “flip flop” this summer! It looks girly, but not provocative. Playful but not vulgar. That’s what Nicholas Ghesquiere says with his collection for Balenciaga.

Our choice:

MSGM striped skirt
Raoul Mini Bell striped skirt

20130331-164137.jpgBalenciaga Spring -Summer 2013

Michael Kors thinks in a retro casual way. For this season he offers silk skirts below the knee. On the catwalk you can notice that they’re worn with short tops of he same color tone, which in sometimes shows off the belly. I love how it looks! But it has to really fit your style, and your body of course (you don’t wanna end up looking like Kim Kardashian with all the extra “things” in the public)

Michael Kors Spring-Summer 2013 RTW

     Striped top is THE PIECE of the season. It can be a marino style oversized blazer or an  asymmetric sequined one (like the ones from Etro). The greatest thing about this piece is that you can match it with blue denim, which makes it a very nice casual piece = good investemnt! If you want a more glamourous look, choose a pair of loose pants from a different fabric.  Low waisted, of course! Comfy, cozy and luxurious.

Another one of the best choices you can make for this summer is a shirt made of chiffon with pale orange, red or, of course, black stripes on it. The best would be if you can find vertical, but horizontal ones are fine as well. I promise you’re gonna have all the looks on you wherever you go + it matches almost everything.

Our choice:

See You Monday striped shirt
Calvin Klein long sleeve shirt
Burberry Brit sweater
Gucci striped shirt
Tommy Hilfiger Spring-Summer 2013 RTW
Jenni Kayne Spring-Summer 2013 RTW
Etro Spring-Summer 2013 RTW
Helmut Lang Spring-Summer 2013
Tommy Hilfiger Spring-Summer 2013
Tommy Hilfiger Spring-Summer 2013 RTW
     Evening outfits. Here your choice is simple – no jersey or cotton, just silk and sequins! It may be an empire style short dress which will make you look innocent and fresh. Or it may be a long, poured silhouette dress, like the ones from Marc Jacobs. It’s a very sophisticated choice, but I suggest you wear it with flats in order to look efortlessly chic!
Christian Dior Spring-Summer 2013 RTW
Marc Jacobs Spring-Summer2013 RTW

     And remember, dears – Being beautiful is a choice. You can always make it.

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  • Lauren

    Dorin, I really love your posts – they are the best “trends” ands “inspirational” posts I have ever read on blogs.

  • I love vertical stripes, especially at the lower body cause it elongates your legs and slim you down!

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