Stripes in Cannes.

Cannes, France


Probably one of my favourite looks this year, the one I wore on my Instagram during Cannes Film Festival¬†and so many of you wrote to me asking about the brand. Some thought it’s a jumpsuit, but it’s actually separate pants and top.

Vertical stripes are definitely one of the most flattering and elegant prints to wear, they work as a chic day choice but also perfect night out outfit. And the South of France is the perfect place for a little bit of random glamour!

doina ciobanu stripe suits cannes

doina ciobanu stripe suits cannes-5

doina ciobanu stripe suits cannes-3

doina ciobanu stripe suits cannes-7

doina ciobanu stripe suit cannes

doina ciobanu stripe suits cannes-13

doina ciobanu stripe suits cannes-9

doina ciobanu stripe suits cannes-14

  • Lovey Fleming

    Definitely one of your best fashion moments! The glasses and scenery complete the photos beautifully <3
    Love from

  • Ebbie Style

    This jumpsuit is amazing!!!

  • Liv

    Can’t go wrong with stripes.


  • fantastic!

  • Obsessed with how this elongates your whole silhouette and the bold stripes are such an easy statement maker too!

    Looking fabulous! I also thought it was a jumpsuit until I read otherwise!


  • chic and classy!


  • Synthia Charles


  • This is one of your best outfits ever in my opinion, the suit is so gorgeous!

    x Karen

  • viktoria

    you look absolutely fab!

  • ely

    great outfit!