Blue retro makeup for summer.



Ever since I went to Dior’s Pump and Volume launch in Paris I’ve wanted to recreate Bella Hadid’s iconic blue look by Peter Phillips. And while I’ve tried it multiple times since including the day after that particular event, it’s never really worked out for me… Until yesterday.

I think it’s all about implementing the idea but twisting it around so it fits you. I had tried the exact look that Bella was rocking (obviously without the master hands of Peter Phillips, so maybe that’s the reason of my failure) and it didn’t quite work for me. You ladies know how obsessed I’ve been with retro looks recently, hence my Sophia Loren inspired red carpet look in Cannes, so I decided to take something that I know definitely works for me and add a bit of blue.

I created the “bigger eye effect” with some darker blue eyeshadows in the socket crease and then white shadows on the actual eyelid. Then I worked my way around the eye with the black Dior Art Pen and then filled some gaps with the Lancome Gradiose liner in 40NB. The inner corner of my eyes, however, I didn’t paint with the eyeliner. I wanted them to be a lot brighter and precise, so I actually used the blue from the Nars Rated R palette on a sharp eyeliner brush. The finish touch is obviously the Dior Pump and Volume mascara which is THE BEST for that very heavy retro eyelash look.

  • Love that little light blue sultry accent look … always brings out the eyes so nicely! 🙂

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  • whoa, this look is fantastic!

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  • Eva

    this is such a beautiful look! That blue shade brings out your eyes so nicely! <3

  • Amazing makeup!

  • Lovey Fleming

    Wow this is so sensational and seductive!