Christmas Gift guide for HER. Part 2.


A new December week is here which means it’s time for a new luxury Christmas Gift Guide to help you sort out your gifts for people close to you… as well as for yourself! If you have seen my 1st ( see HERE) and 2nd (see HERE) gift guide you already know that this is mostly a collection of my favourite things this season, from beauty products to candles and cufflinks for your man.



Agent Provocateur. Men should just install an annual reminder titled that way, because out of everything you can buy, this is up there in the “epitome” of perfect gifts for a woman.

Charlotte Tilbury makeup products are the beauty revolution of the century and my personal obsession at the moment. Very soon after you start choosing a lipstick shade you realise you’re doomed to go bankrupt by buying ALL OF THEM, because that’s just how perfect they are. Well, just check out for yourself below to believe me.

Aerin body lotions and perfume. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and the granddaughter of Estee Lauder, Aerin Lauder, proves that to us with her beauty accessories from her own lifestyle brand. Definitely some of the most beautiful packaging on the market as well as a very unique time when a perfume takes me out of my “Tom Ford private blend” comfort zone and wins my love.

Cire Trudon candlesDaniel and I are quite obsessed with candles, we love receiving candles, gifting candles, buying candles… It’s just such a perfect gift! So if you’re a good friend of ours you’ve probably received an awesome candle at some point haha. Cire Trudon offers some of the most beautiful scents and designs. A product like this is normally something that is going to be enjoyed by the whole house and not just an individual, which makes it such a great gift.

Fendi mini Peekaboo in shearling. What says winter more than a shearling bag? If you have already noticed my love for the Peekaboo bags in the past few months (HERE and HERE) you must probably know this was a no brainer. But since I produced the gift guide Pantone have also announced the colours of 2016, so the soft pink that they call “Rose Quartz” is definitely going to bring you to the top of the 2016 trends (I knew this all along).

Jimmy Choo Viola sandals. These are going to be your party shoes for quite a few years, and whenever it’s that simple, it’s worth buying!

Dior pearl earrings have been in the lists of most wanted pieces for so many fashionistas ever since their boom a while ago. I myself have been absolutely in love with the “asymmetric chic” as Dior calls them. The Tribale style which features sparkling pale pink crystals are a great choice for the festive season, and again the colour is super fashionable next year according to Pantone, so you won’t go wrong.



doina ciobanu luxury christmas gift guide for women agent provocateur pink makeup-3

doina ciobanu luxury christmas gift guide for women agent provocateur pink makeup

doina ciobanu luxury christmas gift guide for women agent provocateur pink makeup-2

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    that lingerie set is so so pretty

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    Beautiful picks. Love the pink lingerie set.


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    What a beautiful post! I love the gorgeous colors~