STYLE REPORT. Leather trend SS 2014.


With a new season right around the corner, we often find ourselves lost amongst hundreds of new micro-trends”, that make it absolutely impossible for a woman to properly prepare her wardrobe. And here comes the question you’ve probably all asked yourself, are they worth investing?

My approach to fashion, or better say personal style, has changed lately. I think living on your own has a big effect on your personality, style being one of them. You start taking decisions rationally based, from a financial standpoint, therefore investing in basic pieces becomes a priority.

I won’t deny that the lack of a car is also a pretty important factor that stimulates the desire to opt for a more comfortable and casual look. It’s played its part. But generally speaking, I do intend to invest in long-lasting pieces this year. So based on my plan, I want to share with you some of my favorite  “universal trends”, that aren’t just made for one season.

We’ll start with leather. Though I’ve always been a big fan of leather pieces, especially pants, jackets and dresses, I can’t really brag about owning a collection of them. Let’s hope that’s something I can change this year! But for now, here is a selection of my favorite leather pieces from the Spring Summer 2014 collections.


leather4  leather3


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  • Alex

    I’m such a leather junkie! I think it’s a very stylish piece to have in your closet x

  • nora

    Cool article. It’s nice to see that you also write about something else other than outfits 🙂

  • Daniela

    Such a nice and inspirational post!!

  • great collections. leather is just the best material

  • lidia

    ar fi mult mai ok sa nu mai popularizam “pielea” si blana….. animalele sufera pentru niste piese vestimentare de care noi nu avem nevoie…

  • Doina Ciobanu

    Atita timp cat se va consuma carnea, atit de oameni cat si de animale carnivore, nu cred ca acesta e un subiect rational

  • wow love it<3

  • I love this trend too! It’s one of my favorite 🙂 amazing selection of images <3


  • Isabel Marant <3
    DH empire

  • Wonderful little report on leather trends for 2014:-) Maybe a follow up on this with your own investment or style?