STYLE ADVICE: Leather pants + Pompoms.

London, England

ByDimitri shirt // Xevana necklace // Supertrash leather pants // Isabel Marant sandals // Fendi Peekaboo bag



Being back in London is quite a strange type of happiness to explain to a non-Londoner. This city is everything you hate but everything you love at the same time. Summer? What summer? London has its own seasons and has no intention on making a change in its individuality, and June, July and August are more of a… period where you can expose your belly button with long sleeves and pants on? That’s obscure actually but there is just no other way to explain the so-called summer in London style.

However, after being on a yacht in the full sunlight of the open Mediterranean for a week, the cool breeze of the Albion capital is pretty much the only thing you can wish for.

But it’s also such a fashion forward city! Whenever I’m in London I feel like putting on heels, some statement jewellery, or experimenting with all sorts of styles, just because it is a place of great diversity.

So I put on my leather pants, knot my shirt (oops, AGAIN!) and head into the city for meetings and then some wine with Lilah that I haven’t seen in such a long time! But not to worry, I left some style advice for you, hidden in the pictures below.

Keep on shining, ladies! xx

doina ciobanu denim leather pants-12

doina ciobanu denim leather pants-21

doina ciobanu denim leather pants-7

doina ciobanu leather style tip 1

doina ciobanu denim leather pants-11

doina ciobanu denim leather pants-13

doina ciobanu leather pants style tip 3

doina ciobanu denim leather pants-23

doina ciobanu leather pants style tip 2

doina ciobanu denim leather pants-15

doina ciobanu denim leather pants-22

doina ciobanu denim leather pants-20


Photos: Daniel Dykes

  • valeria

    foarte frumoasa esti, si pozele – la fel…

  • viktoria


  • Giedre

    Doina, I really and honestly admire you, but putting a style advice in leather pants and having your perfect tummy out, umh, no much of advice, but simply showing off. Yeah, straps over, fluffy accessories, but whole name of the post is misleading…

  • Hey, thanks a lot for your feedback, really appreciate it! I’m not a fashion journalist, so I’m not really good at giving full “dress like this” advice. However, I can share little styling tips that I even tell my friends, which can sometimes make a big difference in an outfit 🙂

  • Iti multumesc mult, Valeria!

  • Спасибо!

  • P.S. My stomach is far from perfect 😀

  • deltreylicious

    Top top top !


  • Lovey Fleming

    Really stunning style! Love this middle of the road look. Gorgeous baby!!!!


  • Irene Laura

    The bag is awesome!

  • Cannot agree more about the London summer – so so true!

    Krissie x –

  • Never give up Doina!

  • Alexandra

    Such a beautiful look! I love that little furry keychain!
    Alexandra ~

  • Bianca

    Wooooaaaaaa. The outfit is outstanding!
    Love the look!


  • I’m a big fan of this look! I will surely try it this spring!

  • Love those leather pants!! And the red blouse like that is a great idea! 🙂

    I will have to wait half a year.. but this is a must-try! 🙂

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