Hidden Bow.

London, England

Heartloom faux fur / Stella McCartney blouse / A-W 2015-16 Bardot skirt (similar HERE) / Patrick Mavros bracelet / Celine bag / Reiss boots / Hunkemoller bow stockings (similar HERE)

Truth be told, I haven’t worn stockings in ages (both at home and out). I used to absolutely love them when I was in high school, especially the white ones paired with a midi skirt… But then I was also a desperate Gossip Girl fan back then and if Blair wore it, I wore it too. However, when I was in Amsterdam during my last trip I discovered this cute shop called Hunkemoller that I had never heard of before, which later turned out to be a massive thing in the Netherlands, including a few other countries throughout Europe (yep, sometimes I feel like travelling is leaving me behind). Being a lingerie junkie like I am, I left the store with a few shopping bags filled with lace lingerie and some really pretty stockings. But especially this pair. I think they’re perfect for wearing out, because they’re more like cute and girlish long socks than they are stockings. But you are the judge. What do you think, ladies?

D xx


stockings 4


stockings cover


stockings collage2

stockings hair


Photos: Daniel Dykes

  • A super cute look! <3 I love it! Thank you for letting me know about the post on Instagram!


  • Nice layering ❤

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  • cara

    cute- really lovely Doina)

  • Beautiful!!! Love these stockings!!



  • They’re gorgeous! I love that bow, looks so luxe 🙂


  • Michèle

    Doina, you look adorable. LOVE the bow detail and the jewelry


  • Love the proportions & textures of this outfit. So gorgeous and elegant. I really wanted to pull off stockings but my vibes were more childish/stereotyped Japanese sexy schoolgirl rather than elegant, classic and chic, as you are! Love this look!

    michelle marie

  • Fashion Party blog

    Interesting combination of materials and cuts.. it’s definitely very unique.


  • mariel

    love it Doina, the stockings add so much cuteness to the already chic and cute outfit <3


  • Andreea bianca

    Are perfects <3

  • Fabrizio Pelizzari

    ….perfectiunea Doina.

  • Tout simplement magnifique =)

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    Saskia! xo

  • I like it so much! You have style, for sure!

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  • Francesc

    She has botox on her lips… before she used to look pretty, now she looks like a regular duck. Oh my… you see what low self confidence does to women? Better fix the brain, not the lips.

  • So cute. 🙂 It’s most young people’s go to lingerie brand here in Belgium, together with the French Etam!

  • I have no words!

    perfect outfit dear!


  • Michelle K. Lee

    lovely hairstyle!