Spring Osaka.

Osaka, Japan

My trip to Japan started a few days ago, with Osaka as the first destination. On my first morning, we woke up at 5 am from an earthquake, which btw was considered to be strong even for Japan- MAG 6.3 in the epicenter. Because our hotel room was at the 10th floor, the room was shaking intensively… To be honest, it was pretty scary! Luckily for us and every other person from here, the buildings in Japan are spectacular, therefore not even a MAG 9.0 earthquake weren’t able to crash them! Ok, less about the only unpleasant moment so far, and let me introduce you the second biggest japanese city- Osaka.

The area we were staying in, near the Osaka Jokoen Station, was so quiet and beautiful that all we wanted to do was walk the whole day. That’s basically what we did.

The first place we visited was the Osaka Castle. The place is not only attractive from the  outside, but it’s actually a museum inside. Filled with artifacts from the japanese history, such as samurai armor, old paintings, royal clothes, swords, etc. The Castle Park around it is great for walkings, especially in spring, when it’s full of Sakura Trees.

After that we walked to the Osaka History Museum, which is around 15-20 mins from the Castle.  It think it was the most interesting museum I’ve ever been to. Everything was explained in details, with a cinema room and a whole movie about the city. Also you can dress up in traditional japanese clothes and take photos, weird enough, but that’s free!

I’m off to Tokyo now, to celebrate my birthday on the 20th. Would be happy to receive suggestions from you about where to go, especially I’m looking for a Bookstore with Manga books in English, and shops with japanese handicrafts  notebooks, paper, etc.

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  • The pictures of the places are breath taking. They are beautiful. Now I’ll love to visit Japan, it looks amazing.
    xoxo bibi

  • my god, what a beauty !! PURE beauty ♥


  • Amazing pictures!


  • Amazing pics!! Amazing place!! WOW *_*

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  • Very nice city, the pics are great 🙂 Your dress is very cute 😉

  • Wow, the colours are just stunning. You look gorgeous!

  • oh i miss japan in the spring time! and love your dress!


  • The picture which the building and the flowers is amazing !! You’re really talented! I love the one where you’re under the cherry tree too 🙂

  • awesome!!
    love it 🙂



  • Enjoy your stay in Japan! It is a really beautiful place full of amazing things to see. The simplicity mixed with the modern parts of Japan make it really outstanding! Hope that I can visit it one day! I love their history and culture and, of course, the animes and manga! 😀

  • I love the white dress you’re wearing, and Japan looks amazing! Those sakura blossoms! <3


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  • Wow Donia, these photos are just gorgeous! Amazing trip. You’re a huge inspiration for me.


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  • Doina I have no words!
    this photos are really great!


  • Love your shoes! Beautiful photos.


  • Beautiful pictures!


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    Enjoy your birthday! You’re so lucky to be able to celebrate it in Japan during spring. For manga, you can try Kinokuniya. I think you can also get cute notebooks and paper there, but of course, there’s always Tokyu Hands. I look forward to your next posts!

  • Mara

    Beautiful photos,very nici city!!!

  • The pictures are wonderful 🙂

    Loves from Turkey

  • beautiful photos!

  • Ms. Doina! If you are looking for Manga in English, you will find MANY stores in Akihabara. It’s pretty close to the Imperial Palace in Chiyoda. If you want arts and crafts stuff, visit the Senso- Ji temple in Asakusa. There are lots of chopsticks, stationary items and other great gift items. If you want something fun and interesting to eat, head a little North to Ikebukuro ( on the JR Yamanote) In that area you want to look for a place called “Sunshine City.” In that mall there is an amusement place called Namja Town. In Namja Town, there is an “Ice Cream Town!” with hundreds of ice cream flavors! Enjoy Tokyo

  • You look absolutely stunning! I’m so happy for you 🙂