Spring’s Whites.

Barcelona, Spain

Tod’s sweater (similar HERE) / Finders Keepers wide pants / Jimmy Choo Candy bag / Adidas Stan Smith sneakers / Maurice Lacroix watch

It has been very hard to keep up my blog lately. With an insane amount of trips suddenly appearing on the horizon, hours spent on packing and unpacking or endless meetings fitted in the few days I’m back to London, there just isn’t enough time to edit photos and then nicely put them in a post for you guys. Also I feel that the likes of Instagram and Snapchat have taken people’s minds off any websites, blogs and so on, which makes sense since those social channels are so much more interacting, giving readers a “live report” of what we’re doing. What do you guys feel? Do you feel like you prefer Instagram/Snapchat have made it uninteresting to then look at blogs? Would be interesting to find out your opinion : )

spring full white outfit_

spring full white outfit_-11collage

spring full white outfit_-6

spring full white outfit_-18

spring full white outfit_-13

spring full white outfit_-4

  • this jumper is way too good doina ! love it


  • I definitely love Instagram and keeping up with bloggers there, but I still love blogs: Instagram is such a visual platform, that I appreciate that blogs allow for writing to take the centerstage as well!

  • Rhea

    Beautiful post as usual! I love social media but I prefer coming back to a person’s blog to get to know the whole story. 🙂

  • deltreylicious

    Très joli look, j’adore le pull !



  • Pics are really inspirational! I love them and also the stunning outfit!



  • Gina

    whilst instagram and snapchat are great, the origins of all bloggers’ success is their blog: I love the ritual of checking bloglovin’ every day: blogs are much better at giving insight into the blogger’s style, travels, passions etc. the quality of photos are much better than instagram, and that’s why I like looking at fashion blogs: for fashion inspiration! I have never followed a blogger on instagram/snapchat without liking their blog first!

  • 100% agree, my vote goes for good old blogs over any other social media 🙂

    Printed or Plain

  • I’ll never miss a blogpost because of bloglovin, while social media is so much more temporarily. 🙂

  • Even if I enjoy your instagram pics, I still wanna see the entire post here, on the blog. I feel like this is more “you” than any other account like instagram, snapchat or facebook.

  • LOVE IT!!


  • Beautiful!


  • You look adorable. Love that print on you.



  • amazing look dear!
    Offcourse I prefer looking great pics and reading blog but also love look your snaps and instagrams I think this conect us with you!;)



  • Janneth Gutierrez

    Always love your outfits! Love from México

  • Absolutely chic and glamour!!!!! Love your pant.




    Fashion Facebook

  • Andreea

    Neat composition of the outfit, you added a really nice touch with the wide pants, especially with the 70’s wave coming in this season. Overall an enchanting outfit perfect for a those spring days.

    P.S. Word of advice, you seem just a little bit tired in some of the photos, now I know stress is everywhere but keep hydrated and relax some more, even though sometimes may be impossible!

  • Love your sweater!




  • I do remember that you did wear this sweater before and I loved it from that time. You are extremely beautiful and with good taste. Have a lovely evening, Liuba x

  • Such a simple yet very cool look! Love your makeup + hair in this look.

  • Love this post. Where was this shot? And as for instagram, I still read all my favourite blogs. Instagram is a way for these bloggers to let me know there is something new up that I should check out.

  • DavidJennifer

    First, the spring white you are wearing is fabulous, and you look lovely. I guess Instagram or Snapchat are good to share instant photos and updates but they never make a better choice when you are sharing your experience. You can include all emotions just in an update so a blog is still worthful.